It was the highest in numbers of sale of these iPad on the very first day, said by the company. But the progress report revelled, there seems to be a big drawback over using Wi-Fi networks. Buyers had summarized comments on Apple, negatively, iPad have some technical problem that it does not suite for any browsing purpose, that is problems in Wi-Fi connection, where the remaining seems to be far good for this purpose.

The first version of iPad, the touch screen can access the internet only through Wi-Fi. An expert annotators have found that, problem could be of week Wi-Fi antenna placed at the back of the phone.

One of the buyers “Casa de Trevino” from California saying, Wi-Fi problem is happening constantly and one suppose to enter their password each and every time when the signal is out of reach to recover to access my network. Other two of my two iPhone and two MacBooks seems extremely good enough with high signal providing facility for browsing. I believe iPad will be the same, one which was too high of cost and really an issue right out of car.

The founder and editor of the TechCrunch blog, Mike Arrington says, My experience of Wi-Fi uses on any such devise like MacBook Air and iPad is Wi-Fi can be in the form of hardware rather cannot be provided or fix in the form of software.

A user from Southern California “mbell75’ written, “ though thrice rebooting my iPad has no single use, where my MacBook is very fine just running as new as i bought. Spending $500 on iPad had gone vain

There were no such serious reports and disagreements on any issues of iPad in the beginning, though they had support pages to comment on any complaints regarding Wi-Fi. Later it was regretted by the users and all of sudden a huge crowed was standing in a big queue in front of stores across United States to get back their iPad on Saturday.

Apple Chief executive, Steve Job said; the world is so lucky after the launch of iPad, there is going to be a big change among the users of iPad. The statistical report says that, more than three buyers download and see iPad and one from that will book all new iPad for every one hour.

The sale of ipad on the first day including the pre-orders, channel partners and to all Apple stores was huge in number. And the statistical report says that, prediction of estimation could be around six million sale of iPad before the last day of the year.

At the end of this month, iPad will be sold all around in Britain of only in two versions, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G. 3G can be seen seeing in other nation like United States after this month. You can get an all new iPad starting from $499 to $829.

The comments was, an catchy design well as easy to access but bit difficult without camera and flash technology videos.

When difficulties are faced then it provides the path for success.