After it has been publicized of the new arrivals of Google+ applications which is a new social networking idea, Apple has agreed with the Google+ application for iOS devices But the problem is that Google+ application is not set up for iPad screens .Thus it’s found that it’s neither loads properly on the iPad nor on the iPod touch.

When Google were questioned about this issue, they got away by saying, as they’re working on several applications, for each one, they have set up a platform and thus there can be more than one version of Google+ for the iOS devices. Google responded by answering that they are still working on several mobile applications and also to several platforms and various devices. According to Katie Watson, “Now we have only declared the availability of the application for the iPhone”.

According to them, “Though compatibility with the device is a major subject that we need to look into for iOs users, that issue we will keep it aside to concentrate more on the 1.0 application operations. It is worthy to note that Google+ mobile website is working on several devices which even involve iPod touch, which is also well and good for the iPhone too except for the need of uploading ability of image. But Google did not contribute to the ability to upload images and they named it as a native application which is the one which is obtained in the App store which will have its own execution style other than the mobile Web application.

Some functions of the Google+ application

The Google+ reduces the chase and only involves those things that are really needed. The home screen only will have what you wish to have in your own screen ,thus it will identify your  stream, those that the people in your circle would have interest in common ,will search the photos within your circle, watch your own profile and manage them and check your notification in the below area. With Google you can be assured that it will not involve any reference to any sort of sparks which is a feature which exists with every web application. Thus it’s not noticed in the iPhone application and with large visual space available it can be dedicated to more significant and easily available features.

According to other user reviews, Google+ application for the iPhone does not even have the standard look that has got with HTML5 application. But there are lot other features like- if you accidentally press the number after any operands which later you feel not in usage, you can very well tap the button once again to remove it. This similar feature is applied on the photo too, thus you can tap again to delete the photo from the list.

The main attraction here is the power to attach images from your phone, which you can’t do from any other Web interface of the mobile.