Apple iPhoto is an advancement to manage all your images in your Mac computer. Apple is dedicated to provide high end and easily manageable applications to its Mac users and iPhoto is one same product in line.

It provides some new features like Full screen mode and Facebook enhancement. Users can also send photos directly using this application. Although it is a very robust and strong application but there are always chances of system crash and virus attach which can affect and remove all the important data from your computer. For this same reason, the application also allows used to take the backup of the library.

Here are some of the steps to take the backup of iPhoto library:

Take the backup on External drive


Connect the external drive to your Mac and open it. Finder windows will open with the content shown in the hard disk.


Now launch a new Finder window and launch your Picture folder. Make sure that you open the folder which contains iPhoto library file.


Now drag the library files onto the external file which you attached with your Mac computer. If you have performed the same process in previous time, or you already have some previous iPhoto library files in the external driver, you will be asked to replace the existing file. You must replace the older iPhoto library files as these are the latest files and contains the latest information and data.

Take the back of iPhoto library on a Disk

Users can also take the back up of iPhoto library files on a disk if the content is less. Although the steps and process is similar to that of an external drive, but users must follow the process appropriately.


Insert a blank CD or DVD in the drive and then drag all the iPhoto library from the Picture folder onto the disk icon appeared on the desktop screen.


Now try to drag the same icon towards Trash, which will show you the option to Burn Disk app. Select an appropriate name to that disk and click on Burn.

This will start the process of burning all iPhoto library files onto the selected blank CD or DVD.

If the files of content of the Picture folder are more than the size of CD or DVD, then you can also burn the content on parts in multiple disks.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, you can use the iPhoto application to take the back of the photos.

This is also a very simple and useful step to get eh backup os all kinds of images you have on you Mac computer.

If you want to burn or make CD/DVD of t photos which can be viewed on a PC, then you must firstĀ  export all the required photos onto a folder on your desktop and then transfer that folder to the desired CD/DVD.