Apple has created a niche in the market with the Mac computers and the applications provided with the Mac computers. Applications like iPhoto is one of the most used application in Mac computers as it allows users to manage all image files.
Have you wanted to make a movie or a slideshow of all the selected images and post in on you Facebook wall as a movie? You can you same tool, iPhoto, from your Mac computer and create Slideshow of photos which further can be transferred as a QuickTime movie.
Here are some of the simple steps to export iPhoto slideshow as a QuickTime movie:
Create a Slideshow of the images:
First and the foremost requirement are to have a slideshow of required images. If you do not have one, then you can always create using the iPhoto application.
Select the album or a group of images which you want as a slideshow, then click on + sign from the toolbar. After that select the Slideshow tab. The name of the slideshow can be automatically filed with the name of the album.
If you want to assign a different name to a slideshow, then you can select the same at this stage. After this step, start dragging and placing the pictures in the order you want it to be played.
You can also select the background music which will be played simultaneously while the Slideshow is being played.
Export the slideshow in QuickTime:
Once you have created the slideshow in a way you want it, you can select the Export tab from the bottom pane of the iPhoto application.
At this stage, you will see a pop-up screen which will give you option to customize the QuickTime video like the size of the movie. You will find a handful of options to select the resolution of the movie which can be assigned as Mobile, Medium, and Large.

You need to select the size of the video as required and then click on Export. After this, you need to select the location here you want to save the QuickTime movie file.
If you want to select some other option like the format of the file, and name of the file, then you need to select the Custom Export button form the same tool.
These exported slideshows can be synchronized with iTune as well. You might need to upgrade the iTune application and then enable the sync movie options. Once these movies are synchronized in iTune, it can be transferred in any of the iOS devices.
You can access these movies in you iPhone by selecting iPod app under videos option and if you are using and iPad then you need to use the Video app to access these movies.