iPhone Serial Number Decoded, Designed and distributed in the market by Apple Inc., the iPhones are a series of evolving Smartphones which are touch-screen devices and also come equipped with multimedia services. First released in 2007, the iPhone has clearly taken the Smartphone market by storm and is largely responsible for the lion’s share of the market that the technological giant Apple Inc. enjoys. The latest addition to the iPhone family is the iPhone 4, which enjoys multiple functionalities like the existence of two cameras for FaceTime calling, as well as a much higher and therefore, better resolution. Released on June 24, 2010, the iPhone 4 is yet to enjoy a world wide release though Apple Inc. is in the process of bringing this about.

Importance of iPhone Serial Number

In keeping with tradition, Apple Inc. insists on its products surviving in a rigid and limited ecosystem that does not allow any kind of flexibility in terms of outside influence on innovation. The technology behind the iPhone is thus, a closely guarded secret. Apple Inc. does not allow any modification in the basic functionality of the iPhone. It also places unyielding restrictions on downloading apps that are not from the Apps store. As in most such cases, hackers seem to have gone out of the way to decode certain aspects of the Apple iPhone going to the extent of “jailbreaking”. This term implies the illegitimate flexibility to download apps from anywhere. SIM unlocking is also rampant so that the iPhone can be used in other carrier networks as well. For example, in the United States, AT & T is the only official wireless carrier for the iPhone device and has a locked SIM due to its subsidized rates. The iPhone places certain security barriers like a FCC ID, IMEI and a unique serial number. Apple servers track the unlocking of a phone based on the IMEI and the serial number. This information is also important if one loses the iPhone. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number for the iPhone is a fifteen digit code that is used by wireless carriers to track and identify the phone.

iPhone Serial Number Decoded

The serial number present along with the IMEI on the back of your phone also can be decoded. It simply seems to follow the format of ‘aabccdddeef’. As per this, ‘aa’ stands for the factory the iPhone was produced in as well as the machine identity. ‘b’ indicates the year of manufacture. The production week is symbolized by ‘cc’ while ‘ee’ denotes the color of the device and ‘f’ gives the size of the iPhone’s memory slot. This way one could understand if two phones were manufactured around the same time, in which factories were they created and whether they are replacement phones or original ones. The unique identifier then is ‘ddd’. These three spaces would help if ever the iPhone were to be stolen or lost.

iPhone Serial Number Decoded is just some good to know information. Do remember to make a note of the IMEI, FCC ID and the serial number as and when you purchase this Smartphone.