Well we’ve come a long way from the original iPhone and even the fourth one had a lot of interesting features. But what more can they possibly put into the iPhone 5 that’s going to make it a phenomenon all over again? iPhone 5’s plan to make it public its features are getting the heat for some months now.

Rumors are going around that it will be quite easy for users to learn and it will come at an affordable price. It will also come with an in built antenna, hopefully with no problems this time. That problem they say has died with the iPhone 4. Apple’s products have a single mindedness to them that other sadly do not have. That can be refreshing for people who live life by the book, and do not want anything to surprise them. It also may come with an 8 megapixel camera, compared to iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera. Some industry insiders say that while the look and design will change and there may be more modifications than previously thought. iPhone 5 could be similar to iPad 2 and might be a smaller version however no one seems to commit on the actual design. It may also have 1.2GHz, iPhone 5 would sport an A5 processor, the one that is also used in iPad2. Whether it’s a different design or not, this phone will definitely have a faster processor.

It is also been reported that that the iPhone will include innovative wireless chipsets put on by Qualcomm, which may create a single iPhone 5 handset compatible with GSM and CDMA networks across the globe. Apple has sent its iphone 5 prototypes to the wireless carrier companies across the world for final testing before the device goes into mass production. iPhones are undoubtedly the best smartphones in the world, and the others are trying awfully hard to catch up. As reported iOS 5 will arrive on iPhones in the autumn and iOS 5 will also provide the iPhone 5 with less prominent notifications, shortcuts on the lock screen, deeper Twitter integration, and an Apple IM client.

The iPhone 5 may also exercise some near-field-communications technology inside, basically for users to cover wireless payments with the phone. But it’s been solidly reported that that Apple could work out its own proprietary version of the contactless system. Now that the rumors are out, users won’t be able to wait till September when its suspected launch is to occur or may be October according to the latest buzz. If Steve Jobs was about to instigate the device in September, then the fifth generation would have been announced for a time in June. Though there is no precise information identified about the new device, it still going to be blockbuster release this fall.