In today’s era each sector of the society is ruled with computers and the communication sector is occupied with cellular phones like iPhone s and iPads. The device like iPhone is the smart phone with features like multimedia and internet. Web browsing capabilities, WI-FI and 3G connectivity are the some few features which attract the user. The iPhone and iPad run on an operating system known as iOS. This operating system is same as that of our PC operating system. This bright side too had a dark line of viruses. Viruses in simple terms are the damaging software which intends to harm your devices in some or the other way. Malware or malicious software is such type of damaging software denies operations or gain unauthorized access to your resources. Anti-virus is the software which scuffles with this damaging software. In this safekeeping race a French security company released a first malware scanner for iPhones.

Indego’s Virus Barrier for iOS is released recently for $2.99.It was first approved by Apple iPhone which also features an email attachment application. Using this application user can embed different format files into its email and can enhance its communication with all buddy all around the world. This software VirusBarrier scans the only file attachments and the files on remote computers. The software must be manually engaged for scanning purpose and it doesn’t work automatically. Whenever a user receives an email attachment he arbitrates by calling on VirusBarrier .It scans the attached file before we labor with it because of the sandbox one cannot scan the file system as one cannot spot the file system. It can scan files of various formats ranging from Ms-office word or excel files, JavaScript file, PDF documents to executable windows files. User can also scan the files which are stored on iDisk into the drop box folder. The scanning engine and signatures which are necessary to detect malware software flows the Intego’s MAC OS X product line. One can easily download this VirusBarrier from Apple’s Apps store. To get installed on you device you need to have iOS 4.0 or later.

With this present situation it is not possible to for full system scan. The malware scanners VirusBarrier only intend scan a file to work as safe and secure attachment. It is only characterized for iOS as a way for iPhones and iPad users to prevent their hardware from spreading malware. It cannot scan the iPhone apps only prevent your iPhone from becoming wedged gadget. Before downloading it user should able to distinguish what VirusBarrier can do and what can’t do. This software VirusBarrier lets the iPhone and iPad users to run on demand malware scanner to check whether the email attachment is secure or not. The only objective behind it is that if any attackers intend to assault its vulnerability there is something to deal with it.