Keyboards are one of the most important components of a computer. Keyboards are input device; when you press any key on keyboard, it sends information to the computer. Keyboards are very useful for typing an e-mail or to browse the Internet. There are different kinds of keyboards available in market today and it is not a tough task to choose a good keyboard. In general, all keyboards layout is same; every keyboard has 80 to 110 keys and QWERTY layout. The connectivity may be different for different keyboards but normally keyboards have PS2 connectivity or USB connectivity. You can connect both types of keyboards to your computer. When you are planning to purchase a keyboard, try to specify a good design with good angle and smooth keys. The decision should be all yours because you will have to work on the keyboard.

Now we will discuss about BTC 5100C mini keyboard, BTC is a Taiwan based company, it mainly manufactures computer hardware. BTC is new in this arena and they are planning to grow bigger so they launched this attractive product. Computer hardware market share is mainly distributed among Logitech, Intel etc. they are the biggest player in computer hardware market. If BTC wants to challenge them, they should me more reliable and customer-oriented. As this is initial phase for them, the product is looking impressive and attractive. You can purchase their keyboards online; the price varies from $40 to $100. It has 80 keys, the main feature of this keyboard is to pack 110 keys functions in 80 keys layout.

System requirement for BTC 5100 keyboard

There is no such hi-fi requirement is for the BTC keyboard. It can be compatible with all Windows and Linux also.

Physical specifications

BTC 5100 keyboard is a light weight computer keyboard. It can be useful with its tiny size. Its weighs 1.4 lbs, the whole dimension is 12x6x1.5 inch.

This tiny and compact BTC 5100 mini keyboard is looking reliable and well built. They make an impact with the 80 keys which can perform 110 keys functions. It is portable because of its small size and we hope customers are looking forward to more products from BTC. It is also available in many colors like black, white and beige. You can choose the color as per your choice. It can be a good choice for users who want a compact and tiny keyboard for them. This also attracts some consumers because of its light weight and portability.

These are the main specifications of BTC 5100 Mini keyboard. The layout is same as other keyboard, so there is no need to think about key layout. Also the PS2 connectivity is important feature, because if you have older computer then it might have USB connectivity. So it is good for older computers also. We hope this article will list out all the specifications of the BTC 5100 mini keyboard and if you are planning to buy one then you can refer the article.