AMD has finally announced the release of its much anticipated Radeon HD6990M laptop in the market.  The AMD Radeon HD6990M is the fastest notebook GPU available today.  The Radeon HD6990M is expected to give 25% superior performance than the Nvidia’s GeForce 580M.  The entry of Radeon HD6990M has opened a new arena of competition the market.  The release of Radeon HD 6990M has made the AMD the leader in notebook GPU section. AMD has said its latest release is the fastest notebook GPU in the market and it can be said the crown of being the fastest notebook GPU no longer remains with Nvidia.  If you compare head to head performance benchmarks of AMD Radeon HD6990M and yet to arrive GeForce GTX 580M, then it clearly shows that  Radeon HD6990M is  25% faster than the Nvidia’s yet to arrive latest notebook GPU.

Leading laptop manufacturers have already announced their new configurations with AMD Radeon   HD6990M and Nvidia’s GeForce 580M. This is a great opportunity for users to test these two equivalents; Radeon HD6990M and GeForce 580M side by side and see the results by themselves.  The Alienware M18X is expected to offer configuration that will either have Radeon HD6990M or GeForce 580M in single or dual GPU configurations.  AMD has also announced that besides Alienware M18X, EuroCom and Clevo will also be using the Radeon HD6990M in their latest configurations.  Clevo will include the Radeon HD6990M in its P170HM, X7200 and P150HM lines of notebooks.

The performance of laptops that are equipped with the Radeon HD6990M will be quite impressive. The new GPU supports Eyefinity multiple monitors that allow the user to have complete control of the action and experience undefined realism in games. The user will be able view the content from all angles which will take the user to a new level of ultra-immersive game experience.  The Radeon HD6990M will also support DirectX11 that will present user with unmatched realism and superior performance in terms of graphics.

The GPU will also enhance the performance of GPU accelerated apps. But not all is good about the Radeon HD6990M. The new Radeon HD6990M   will not support the automatic graphic switching that is supported by Nvidia latest GPU. Also the AMD’s HD3D technology is bit different from the popular Nvidia 3D Vision that is used for 3D gaming.

There is also a market speculation that Apple may use AMD’s new offering Radeon HD6990M in its new line of iMacs. The new Radeon HD6990M is an ideal notebook GPU for hardcore gamers.  The new Radeon HD6990M will not disappoint hardcore gamers when it comes to pushing up clock rates, increasing frame rates or extending the quality settings to get superior performance. The AMD Radeon HD6990M   is capable of providing enough juice to demanding games such as Dirt 3, Dragon Age and Shotgun2 that use DirectX11 technology.