Apple has recently introduced its all ne Mac Mini in the market. It is a high speed computing device which has been launched with some of the latest technologies like Thunderbolt port and CPU update. However it does not contain a DVD burner which may disinterest the buyers who wants to use Mac mini as a home theater computer.

Apple may support this decision by the presenting the fact that most of the software and movies are available through direct download and users no more need to make a collection of DVDs for favorite movies or required software.

Mac mini is an ideal machine for the users who want to use it as a tradition computer.  It is equipped with the latest OS X Lion operating system which is considered to be the most advanced operating system so far.

OS X Lion is the latest operating system from Apple which supports some of the latest user experience like Multi-Touch Gesture, Full-screen apps, Mission control, etc.

The Lion Server is also a major attraction in this operating system. It provides the functionality of host enhancements which provides more control to your Mac Server. The push notifications can allow users to send updates to other users wirelessly. It is also capable of adding or sharing files for iPad and it also can synchronize with the popular applications like Wiki server, iCal Server, and Mail server.

Apart from the latest and powerful OS X Lion operating system, Mac Mini also incorporates the high end processors like Intel Core i5 and Core i7. These are the main reason to consider Mac Mini high performance and competitive product in the same segment.

Thunderbolt port is also a major attraction in this new product. Thunderbolt is a next-generation technology in data transfer. Thunderbolt technology is developed with collaboration between Intel and Apple and now it has been used in most of the Apple products. It provides two way I/O communications with 10 Gbps speed at both the direction. However, a standard Mac mini user might not be able to use full fucntion of this technology as of now. For the same reason, Apple has not removed the HDMI port for this latest computer.

In nutshell, Mac Mini is a powerful device launched by Apple. It carries forward Apple’s vision of content and connectivity with excellence.  The facility of updating operating system and CPU as a routine update makes it more desirable.

Price range is starting from $599, which can attract a large user group in the market who wants to use the high end computing.

Innovative technology like Thunderbolt port can also be a plus point to capture the user segment who wants fast and high performance connectivity of device.