According to the recent declaration of cyber giant Lenovo, on Thursday in Hong Kong, Lenovo is launching its Ultra books–ultra slim, the laptops with light window features which will give a tough competition to Mac Book. The Chief Operating Officer of Lenovo, Rory Read said without any hesitation, Lenovo will be the leader in the concerned field that will act as a catalyst in generating demand with reference to the Intel based laptops. He also said about the introduction of laptops that will go in rhythm with the mainstream prices with certain solutions that were enjoyed by only the premium segments of this field. He gave a clear  implication regarding the cloudy perception of mainstream’s pricing that will surprising come  under 1000 US Dollars by the very next year. Along with the smartest looks & long battery life Ultra slim will be giving its users ultimate pleasure in operating them & will never cease to amaze you. User friendly techniques with easy handling features will be the unique propositions of this sophisticated gadget.

Lenovo third largest personal computer developer is the world with an outstanding profit orientation from fifty five million to one hundred eight million US Dollars with sky rocketing revenue generation to six billion US Dollars beating the analyst estimations & performing beyond their expectations.

After all we all know that Lenovo is a name that everyone trusts. It is perhaps the most well known brand in the world of computers. It is the personal computer division of IBM &the leading laptop manufacturer of the world. All the major breakthroughs in the computer space are brought widely by Lenovo. With the introduction of Ultrabook it will set another landmark in laptop manufacturing genius. It has already launched think pads & other such gadgets that engulfed the market leading to a monopoly of Lenovo.

At the present, being a pioneer in the features of hardware Lenovo, is trying to achieve the goal of making hardware easier for its users with its new launch of Ultrabook. We are all aware about the huge hit of the Idea pad series of Lenovo with some of the excellent features of Intel’s multi core high speed processor (Intel Core) & many other things which made its customers more than happy. The Ultrabook falls under the category of value line laptop series of Lenovo & is designed especially for business or home or office use respectively. It will offer you the exact value of money along with smartly designed body & designs. Colors like black, red, blue & brown are available that will add to its charm. It’s easier to carry with its portable features & slim get up.