With the arrival of newbie’s like MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lot of cheap quality plastic items worth $999, PowerBooks ,lot of legacy items like iBooks have been replaced along with White MacBook and the range to take decision has been reduced which has made easy for the public too to follow. The new MacBook Air and Pro is fixed with processor of high speed and it already comes with built in OSX Lion.

From the year of 2008, MacBook Air has taken a tremendous path initially being more capable of all others and the one prominent feature of this newbie is that, it is portable and you can carry anywhere and go in a gay with that in your bag. Though the naïve arrival w landed on the end of July, it is the correct time for the students to decide and update their technology with the purchase for PC. The MacBook Pro has already been in the market in February itself when compared to the last year where it reached the market only by October.

The MacBook which has got a 11 inch screen and of the rate $999 is still in the market and it’s rate is similar to that of the usual White MacBook .The core processor which is of 1.6 GHz seems more lively and ready to act when compared to the yester year’s Mac. The disadvantage of the new Air is that, the storage capacity is only definite of about with flash memory of 64GB.Thus only limited data will be dumped into the hard drive .With initial booting of the system, it will deliver 48GB free memory to store, which again reduces the capacity to store even what you can store permanently and keep it. You can expand the 64GB by adding memory up to 256GB at the instant of purchasing itself, but it needs more additional dollars or pounds to fill the need.

After all these defects, the most prominent advantage or promise of MacBook is the cloud storage which can even be termed as the main concept behind the MacBook. You can store immense of libraries of photos as well as music, which can even be stored in the servers remotely and its video serves that it delivers are quite popular. iCloud may deliver more alternatives like music which are re-downloadable which helps in reducing the load in the local directories while Amazon  as well Google are delivering another alternative solutions.

The newbie MacBook Air has got lot of additional ports along with Thunderbolt port which delivers better choice for students with a display which is astounding at the rate of $999 and you can even dock the MacBook Air in an environment having only desktop PC, so as to have all other ports like FireWire, Ethernet and other USB ports.