The markedly new innovative netbook of Samsung is on the market, as it is going to be the first which will get powered from the sun that is it uses solar energy for its power. The new NC215S model need not have a charger, so whenever you go out you need not worry about the additions.

Some of the features of the new solar netbook

As long as there is enough sunlight the battery will be adhered with the help of embedded device of solar panel which is fixed inside. You can see that, after two hours of recharging, it will provide you with an hour of life for battery. As the solar panels are quite expensive lot of people are confused with the feature and doubts arise, whether they are the tested ones in case of performance. If solar energy is not sufficient, the netbook is still furnished with six-cell battery which delivers about 14.5 hours life for the battery.

The new Samsung NC215S has got an LED display, which is 10.1-inch as well as have a resolution of 1024 x 600 .Processors comes in two modes like 1.66 GHz of Intel Atom which is single core and processor N570 pineview , which is dual core. Another one which is needed is graphics core which has 3150 GMA WITH 12 GB RAM Capacity. The memory space is 250GB as well as 350 GB and hard drive executes at 5400 resolutions per minute.

The main advantage of NC215S is that, it has got VGA display with 3 ports for USB along with card reader, which is 4 in 1. According to reports, it will be in market in July at the rate of $399.What about teasing your brain with a solar paneled netbook?

The poise Samsung NC215S netbook of solar power with its entry had even been on Amazon for pre-order. Netbook was supposed to be shipped even earlier of the month, but it never happened. The major feature of this netbook is that, apart from the solar panel fixed inside the lid, it helps to keep the set-up powered up. This netbook uses matte screen instead of glossy, so that it will have much lower glare.

Lilliputing approached Samsung in order to see the delay in the introduction and shipping of the new netbook. Actual delay was due to the delay in obtaining the solar panels the set-up requires. Thus the netbook will now ship and product will reach the public only during the middle of August. If you are behind the new netbook, there is only one more month to wait or even you can pre-order the product in Amazon.

The machine has got a fundamental hardware inside the netbook which has about 1.66GHz Atom N570 with matte finished screen having resolution of 1024 x 600.Now the details included in the solar panel is much more. The new addition is the unit will deliver even one hour more of run time for each and every 2 hours of exposure to the sunlight.