In an age when people hardly get enough time to do anything much beyond their work and related matters, they like to save as much time as possible. As Internet is one such medium on which most people are dependent to do projects and research, they want the information to be available to them within seconds. Earlier it was not possible as connection to the Internet was not that speedy. However, now the time has come when instant search tools for specific products and services are available. Instant Search is the future of search.

We have mentioned the 10 best Instant Search Tools online below.

Google Instant: The whole instant search business on the Web started with Google. It is not only an Internet search corporation but also hosts and develops a number of Internet based products and services.

Youtube Instant: Youtube is a video sharing website where you can view, share and upload videos. You can view a wide range of user generated content on the website including music videos, movie clips and amateur content including original videos and video blogging. Searching for any product and service also gives you the related Youtube video for the term and starts playing. You can click on the Youtube button to visit the video page on Youtube.

WikiInstant: Wikipedia has become one of the major sites which have helped its users in a big way. It normally appears on the top of all links that appear once you enter the name of the product you’re looking for.

Twitter Instant: as you type, you also get Twitter search results. Twitter search has also become much faster than what it used to be.

Google Maps Instant: As soon as you type the name of any location, it comes alive on Google maps instantly. For this purpose, you no longer have to browse through the world maps unnecessarily

Google Images Instant: It is again a speedy way to browse images on the Internet. For example, typing the name of a well known personality or product will result in the display of images you can look through.

Flickr Instant: It has now become the new way of browsing images on the Web. You will get the resulting images immediately after typing the search term.

iTunes Instant: It is an iTunes search engine on the web which helps in delivering instant music results on a clean interface.

RSS Instant: An instant RSS browser is Feediop. As soon as you type your blog name, you will see the search results appearing.

App Store Instant: with the help of App Store Instant, you can find millions of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch applications in the AppStore. With the super success of this instant search tool, more websites are expected to encash the trend.

There is no doubt that all the above applications have made enhanced the Web experience. They not only help in saving time for individuals involved in research but have also proved to be a convenient and fun exercise.