Google voice is going to be heard by anyone after Google issued a statement. If you want to know much more about it, do read to the bottom. As you have the freedom to manage your text messages and voicemail via email. This is very simple. Step by step instructions may let you know what to do. Simply click the Lab link in and look for Google voice player, which is normally in mail features. Here, just click ‘enable’ and now save the changes.

Create Skype Caller ID:

You can also create your Skype Caller ID. Register yourself with and log in. now click on Caller ID tab, and find ‘Change number’, here enter your GV number and now wait for the text message, which will get your GV number. You will receive confirmation code through text message now you have to enter the confirmation code on Skype website. It will take the website around 24 hours to finish your registration process.

Voice’s no-calls mode could be activated with the Calls sub-menu which is located in inbox/settings. You can also make a call to your own voicemail number which may be set up there. You have the option of setting up the number using minutes, hours or days.

You can also send Advanced Voice memos to yourself as well in Google Voice. Go to settings, and click phones. Here you will find ‘Edit Cell Phone’. And now go to ‘Show Advanced Settings’. Now click Voicemail access and No. and finish the process by saving.

Moreover, you can also upgrade and enjoy unlimited options. Simply go to the setting page of Google Voice’s Call and remember that Caller ID should be ready to Display my Google Voice number. Now it depends on how you add Google Voice number to family plan and respective friends.

You can choose Friends & Family plan which is known as Verizon’s plan, it will let you select 5 to 10 different numbers which could be used for free to make calls. The plan is available in two different features like Single Line Plan having around 900 Minutes and Family SharePlan having around 1400 minutes. If you want to add more numbers to Friends & Family, you require ‘sign in’ to My Verizon.

You can also enjoy AT&T having interesting features known as A-List which is just like Verizon’s 5 or e10 numbers as per your plan; it must be 1400 minutes for families and 900 minutes for single person. You can also update friend and family list online with the help of my Wireless account on AT&T’s website.

MyFaves Option

T-Mobile’s plan is considered a bit simpler; to qualify for this plan you must have such a plan, which cost you around $49.99 a month. If you have this plan you will have the freedom of 5 numbers to make call to for free. There is something special about this plan. If you have family plan, each member will be offered 5 numbers to themselves. If you want to take advantage of MyFaves, just log in My T-Mobile account.