Twitter has shown a phenomenal growth rate in recent months. It has been others choice of site and it has been other choice of business advertising and transactions.

But for certain reasons, we cannot help but compare the Twitter from other popular social networking sites nowadays.

As users, we always go for what is most convenient and accessible for us to communicate and share to our fellow users. We always look for the best of service and applications the site offers. We even go for more specific features that suit our taste and preferences.

But obviously, there are certain facts the Twitter has much more to add in its features. Although the site has been maintaining its simplicity of structure for years now and mainly adding applications which they think are the most important, we can’t help but look for the basic things which obviously, for some site freaks think, the Twitter has been missing.

Plus 10, Twitter does not have:

The Twitter is popular because of their tweets. But somehow, users goes into trouble locating their old post tweets because there isn’t such thing as tools that could help you search tweets easily.

Another thing is when you got a bunch of followers and you are looking for just only one, then you are in trouble. There is no tool for easy access on searching followers or even searching a certain person you are following.

Next is when your got an email notification about someone requesting to follow you, you cannot get through with just a couple or little information about the person, thus, leaving you in doubt whether to accept or not.

You cannot do anything about advertising your profile and requesting someone to follow you.

With regards to your own tweets, once you published it, you can no longer edit or retype. You need to delete the previous one and then rewrite it.

While other sites, when sharing; are automatically resend to your Facebook account, the Twitter can’t. You couldn’t go tweeting in your Facebook profile.

You can’t even look for people in your Facebook friend’s list who are also into Twitter. It has been said that the site had tried but the Facebook blocked.

Another concern is when you want to add a comment in some other’s tweets but sad to say, you can’t.

When you also want to share a picture, you still have to go to another link to be able to do that. There is no tool for uploading and easy sharing of pictures.

And the last one is no limit of filtering certain words from tweet stream that should not be allowed to be read and seen by the public.

You can say that these are just little issues regarding the site and that it is not much of an important thing. But for others, these are just so basic that at least the site should have been offering them for convenience purposes.

Although we might say, these are just a mere observation from the view of some users who believe that the site is better but would have been far best if it has more of those lacking features.