If you are a Facebook user then you must be aware of the fact that the details that you have given about yourself on Facebook are not that safe. There are 20 percent chances that your details may be exposed to someone. You can be a victim of the latest fiasco where 100 million out of 500 million Facebook users’ details were collected and they were later on published as well. They were basically collected and published for the security purposes and a security consultant was appointed to see check those details. Ron Bowles says that he used some piece of code to scan the Facebook profiles, and through this he could access the data of the users that were not set private by the users. The list of these users’ details has been made available along with the URL of the user’s profile. It is in a form of a downloadable file which contains the name, id and the URL of the users profile on Facebook. This file has been spread throughout the internet and most of the people have checked it. It has become so easy for anyone to download and view it.

Facebook was never safe:

Hackers have exposed some of the Facebook profiles. The data on Facebook is not guaranteed to be private anymore. As the hackers can use any code to view and collect the details of the users on Facebook. This has caused a great confusion among the users of Facebook about the Facebook privacy and security.

The critics have claimed that the facebook site itself leaves the users data exposed as the default settings are supposed to do that. Most of the online security experts and a number of facebook users now call for facebook to leave the user details private and secure by default.

Users of Facebook continue to participate in social networking:

Apart from all this the users of Facebook still continue to participate in the social networking. There are a huge number of people who still consider it fine to do social networking and log on to Facebook regularly. Most of the people have eliminated their private details from Facebook and just use it for the networking purposes and for the reason of having some good time. No one could actually quit Facebook even after the `quit Facebook day`. The users were so much addicted to it that they couldn’t resist and after going against it for some period of time they again started using it.

100 million Facebook users’ details were collected and published, it’s true. The users are also well aware of it as they know that it was due to some security reasons and now the issue has settled. The users of Facebook are much more precautious about their details on Facebook and they use it now mostly at their own risk. The security experts have took some of the steps to ensure the users of Facebook that the default settings has changes and now their details will be more safe and no one could easily access them.