According to IDC, in 2010, the world had sold about 1.39 billion mobile phones. In comparison with 2009 sales of mobile phones it is increased by 18.5 percent. So, a year earlier across the globe has been bought 1.17 billion mobile phones. Market leaders, as in 2009, became Finnish Nokia with 32.6 percent and South Korean companies Samsung with 20.2 percent and LG Electronics with 8.4 percent. Together, these manufacturers accounted for more than 60 percent of the market. In this year Samsung has managed to increase sales of mobile phones to 53 million, i.e. almost a quarter. For comparison, growth in sales of Nokia devices for the year amounted to less than 5 percent. A fraction of the largest manufacturer declined from 36.9 percent to 4.3 percentage points.

The fourth and fifth places in the list of most popular manufacturers have taken the Chinese company ZTE and American Apple. IDC estimates for the year, Apple sold 47.5 million iPhones.

Apple iPhone is the perfect blend of original style, functionality and advanced technology. Apple iPhone is offered not only to those who watch the news and follows fashion trends, as well as a real business and engaged in categories of people who appreciate not only the versatility but also in need of presentable appearance of the acquired model. In addition to these advantages, the merit of this multi-function device put the presence of a sufficiently large amount of memory – from 8GB to 32GB.Cell Phones Apple set records for sales in the world, even despite the fact that their value is not particularly diminished. Thus, according to recent statistics, the mobile Apple bought about 40 million people.

You will be amazed to know that Apple Inc. sold its millionth account digital phone next-generation iPhone just after 74 days of its availability in retail stores. It is reported that millions of buyers of the device came a month earlier than expected by its producers and sellers. After the publication of this information, the company’s shares rose for a few minutes more than 2%.

In the middle of last week, Apple announced a price reduction on the 8-gigabyte iPhone from $ 599 to $ 399, as well as the introduction of discounts for 4-gigabyte version of the model. This decision greatly disappointed those who bought iPhone at the old price.

According to CEO Steve Jobs, he received a huge number of complaints on sale price reduction. After that, it was decided that all customers, put on 599 dollars for a phone, get on your mobile account from Apple for $ 100 in compensation.

The website mobile crunch has recently reported that the sales of apple iphone is getting very good response and most probably apple will sell its 100 millionth iPhone this year.