The Verizon’s droid X phone is designed with no other desire or intention than to get you started in all kinds of mobile endeavor you may want to be involved in. If we call the Verizon’s droid X one of the most powerful Android phones in the American market and internationally, we will not be too far from the truth. The phone has a lot of features that are bent on blowing your mind and taking your experience of mobile phone beyond the ordinary level.

The advantages

The Verizon Droid X phone features a 1GHz processor along with a 720phigh-resolution video recording. It also has a 4.3 inch display that puts you right inside the mobile world. With all these features, the Verizon droid X is poised to be among the first set of phones to run the Froyo Operating System, which had been long awaited. Sooner than later, it is also expected that this phone will receive the Android’s upgrade from Google.

The customization options on the phone go a long way in enabling the user to customize various operations on the Verizon Droid X.  The options are so many that you can virtually change the smart phone to a completely personal machine. This is due to the open ecosystem of Android. Another point that is responsible for this possibility of customization is the inclusion of various programs on the smart phone. These programs are bent on making your smart phone experience a very pleasant one. The programs are also uncensored, thereby giving you more control over the operation of things on the Verizon’s droid X.

The great applications

One of the applications that are available on the Verizon’s droid X is the Google Goggles. Wow! Isn’t that interesting? This wonderful application makes it easier for you to get information on any object. This can be done by simply pointing the phone at any of the object! Point your phone to any object like artworks, logos, landmarks and any other stuff and your phone will nod with recognition.

Another swell application that is just designed to get you on the move is the ShopSavvy. It is designed to help you compare the various prices of any kind of stuff that you may want to purchase. It doesn’t matter if the shops offering the products are online or off line. The Shop Savvy will present you with info on any review given by various users of the particular product you may be interested in. you can easily get this application downloaded at the Android market.

Have you heard of WaveSecure? It is another superb Android application that you can get downloaded on your Verizon droid X. In case you want to locate your phone from any part of mother earth after it had been stolen, you can easily get this done by making use of the WaveSecure. This application will enable you to automatically activate the Verizon droid X GPS system. And in a jiffy, you will be able to get the exact location of your phone.