Earlier people used to inscribe on the skins of animals to convey the messages and at that time, this was a kind of documentation. As time evolved man started using paper and pen. To add more flair nowadays we use our computers for documentation. We can not only convey our message with precision but also we can give a better touch to them with the help of our computer.

A dozen tips for better documentation will help you through.

Tip one

Be precise in your decision when you choose content for your document. If you flock up a bunch of excerpts or graphics, page starts looking quite chaotic and difficult to understand. So, be precise and selective when you are choosing content for your document.

Tip Two

You can choose a theme for your document. Theme in general encompasses page layout, font style, font colour, clip art and graphical effects. The MS office has same theme for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point and Microsoft Excel.

Tip three

You can style your document as per your desire. You can apply a certain font size and font colour to your text. You can also make the words of your document Bold, Italicised and can also underline a word or sentence as you ought it to be. This way you can give a format to document and thus, provide them consistency.

Tip four

You can also give your document a new definition by giving it graphical touch. Do not worry you not required to be an artist, but your computer will do so. You can arrange your thoughts in the form of flow charts, pie charts or in Numbered or Bulleted form. You can perform such task by accessing you Microsoft Word, Power point or Excel.

Tip five

You can increase the appeal of your content making it more presentable. But, how can you compile your work in such a way. Do not worry, allows Microsoft Word to do so.

Tip six

You can provide your document with different page layouts and thus, it become better to look at. You can create table in which you can easily allow your content flow. Tables and different shapes can be created and page layout can be done simply by your Microsoft Word.

Tip seven

If you reckon you are using certain terms which may not understood by the reader. Then you can provide footnotes for the latter or a kind of elaboration for important points or words.

Tip Eight

An appendix can be given to your document, if you think footnotes or inline details are becoming quite long and giving a wired look to your document. The appendix is the table which you can find at the end of your document and it can be identified by the reader as the content will have its page number and details.

Tip Nine

You can run a spelling or grammatical error check on the Microsoft word, once you’re done with your document.

Tip ten

You can also change your paragraph alignment form left to centre and from centre to right in the Microsoft Word.

Tip eleven

If the content deals with something related to Statistics, then you can create colourful bar graphs.

Tip twelve

You can use “Paste Special” tab instead of the “Paste” command. This way you can look after the tables, text and graphics.