A fourteen year old enthusiast of iPod Touch is consistently making headways after his first design of a game for Apple App Store. Robert Nay introduced his debut of the app “Bubble Ball”. This simple game has knocked down “Angry Birds” the app which had been keeping the highest spot for several months.

“Bubble Ball” in Apple Store has been described as a fun new physics game which took Nay nearly a month for launching and designing it. He outlined how to make it subsequently reading some of books in the library regarding many programs he needed for constructing an app. He incidentally has plans for designing more applications in the days to come, though it is apparent that they will not be free for downloading similar to “Bubble Ball”. Nay is considered in the list of young hard working people achieving unexpected results. Two weeks earlier, it was declared that ten year old Kathryn Gray who is a Canadian citizen, was the youngest girl for discovering a supernova. Her finding was checked by other two amateur astronomers residing in the United States proceeding to the news being shared with other people of the world. Her discovery termed as supernova, situated in the galaxy called as UGC-3378, is two hundred forty million light years away from the Earth.

However, it is a case of mere a month earlier that a group of eight to ten year old students of British origin were the youngest persons communicated in the Biology Letters, a science journal. The pupils had made a research for the foraging nature of bees.

The game “Bubble Ball” is a puzzle related to physics. Nay wrote four thousand lines of codes which contain Corona SDK. He got some sort of help from his mother, Kari, who did some graphics related to this project. Though Robert Nay studies in the eighth grade only, he is attached with programming jobs for long six years and presently remains engaged in coding of languages which includes Java Script, PHP, HTML and AJAX.

Nay seems to be proceeding in the direction consisting of an entrepreneurial approach in the matter of his Apple app, and ultimately may be the turning point for something which began merely from a challenge offered from friends. Kari, his mother, had to assist him in the matter of some portions of the designing for the “Bubble Ball” and since launching of his discovery being downloaded on millions of occasions in the recent past, he may step forward further in his own way.