With the release of Direct X 11, ATI did not get eliminated from the race. Just in time ATI announced it competitive range of state of the art Graphic Processing Units and this move has paid off to AMD big time. The numbers that were quoted a few weeks back reveal the deal that AMD sold over 16 million of graphic cards of 5000 series. This all happened in past 9 months. These numbers were great. There was an 87% increase in the sale than the last year.

The Profit and Loss

The numbers of shipping 16 million graphic cards compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX 11 has stabilized things for the company to a greater deal. In the later part of the first half of the year, AMD announced a net loss of 43 million US Dollars, but the rising capacity of the Radeon HD 500 series in the market has lessened the sweat of the company which is striving hard for its survival, in a certain way.

President and CEO of AMD, Dirk Meyer, quoted “Robust demand for our latest mobile platforms and solid execution drove record second quarter revenue and a healthy gross margin”.

Stable Platform Base

Dirk Meyer also added, “Our unmatched combination of microprocessor and graphics capabilities resulted in customers launching a record number of new mobile and desktop platforms. We added Sony as a microprocessor customer and continue to see our existing customers expand their AMD-based platform offerings”.

ATI is proud to be manufacturer of the Radeon HD 500 series as this series is the only one of its kind. The biggest pro of this series that it is the only series ever announced that is compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX 11 from the top to the bottom.

Rival’s Game

The green goblin, nVidia, launched three new graphic cards to stay in the game. Still this is not enough for nVidia as AMD offers a range of approximately 12 different graphic cards that cater for the customer of every price range. It is much for attractive than their rivals. NVidia is the wizard of the market that is grabbing the biggest share of the graphic card market but this time AMD has managed to give not an equal but a bigger blow to the rival which can be recognized easily and would give a good amount of pain to the opponent. As a matter of fact, AMD has produced a number of graphic cards that are compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX 11, equaling to the number of PS3’s that Sony has put in the market.

About AMD

AMD has been in the business for over 40 years which leaves them with a huge amount of experience. They believe, “Silicon and software have become the steel and plastic of the worldwide digital economy”. All the companies related to Technology are setting up new and high standards across the globe. They have always been committed to innovate such technologies that provided a true advantage to the users. AMD has believed in giving more honor to the real requirements of their customers rather trying to be ahead in technology. James Sanders, the founder of AMD believes, “Customers should come first, at every stage of a company’s activities”.