According to most research results today, office workers can help in cutting a lot of carbon emissions by merely turning off their computers whenever they leave their own offices. But, the problem is, not all parts of the personal computer can be easily turned off. An example of this would be those servers that are ultimately energy-hungry as they are locked away in a particular data center. Many are wondering if they are allowed or accessed to turn those off when not in use.

Conventional wisdom within the field of Information Technologies would tell you that you must never, as in never, turn off the server that you are using, or any server, for that matter. The drawback with turning them off would be the possibility of a failure whenever you need them to come back on again when you need their services the most.

However, today, a certain software company from the United Kingdom is looking forward to exploring the events that could take place when they suddenly decide to turn off their underused servers in order to slash energy use as well as carbon emissions.

NightWatchman PC power management system dubbed the 1E, which is capable of letting certain companies turn off their personal computers on an automatic basis, instead of leaving them all turned on overnight just to avoid losing any computer work.

This aforementioned company is now looking forward to implementing this particular approach towards the world’s most effective data centers. In fact, it was only recently that they launched a new version of its NightWatchman Server Edition, the second version, specifically. Doing so catalyzed the product’s move to be one step closer to their goal, which is to be able to turn servers off when they are not going to be used.

According to the product manager of 1E, Andy Hawkins, the company has the necessary technology for making such goal work. The only thing that they need to focus on now is actually joining all of the necessary tools together in order to come up with a better and much more developed product for the public to use.

1E shows to the world that with virtualization software, firms can now run certain online applications, if not all, on certain virtual machines that can be transferred from one server to another. This means that their goal is actually pretty technically feasible, shifting from between applications, freeing up any servers that have been left unused in the process.

Each and every virtual machine has been purposely designed to make firms able of tracking exactly how much energy is going to be used. Also, they will be able to identify specific servers that do not use much energy.

Most servers today, especially the modern ones, now have readily installed power management systems. However, still, since it is somewhat of a new IT development, majority of today’s IT managers are still not fully aware about them or are largely hesitant about how to turn the systems on appropriately.