If you ever tend to read the blog of the social media giant “the facebook”, you would easily find a comment that seems more of a template by a lot people who are threatening to boycott and leave face book on 21st July if in any case, face book fails to meet their demands.

The Angered Group

This group that has gained a lot of popularity as the opposes of the this social network belong to the Muslims from different parts of the work who are frowning with anger due to the removal of highly popular pages related to Islam from the website. Another reason is the haltered and abusive content against the religions and its prophet. 21st of May this time marks the birth of the prophet Mohammed, so this way Muslims making a protest on this day are trying to send a message that they love their religion and prophet more than anything on in this world.

The fans who had given the hype to the pages are almost out of their minds with anger. They are demanding that Facebook should bring these pages back at any cost as they did not violate are term of services or policies of the facebook. They are also raising their voices against the posting of anti-religious comments/ messages against Islam on facebook.

These fans are so determined to boycott facebook that they believe that this act would knock down the website. As an equaling response they also have threatened to leave facebook permanently and join Madina.com that has been developed for the Muslim community and is termed as Halal.

A Report

In a report it is mentioned that total of 2.5 million fans have been effected by the removal of all the Islamic fan pages. The most interesting part of this whole story is that it would be quite concerning to see that how many Muslims out of these 2.5 million, who have alleged to boycott facebook, would actually switch from such a well engineered social networking website where they have all their Muslim and non-Muslim friends and even family members. Although the competitor site, Madina.com, has a similar interface yet its of no match to the social networking giant.

About Facebook

Facebook was formed in 2004. It is a social networking utility that helps people to communicate with their friends, family and peers more efficiently. The technologies developed by the companies are developed in a way that the people can share information through the social graph. The facebook is secure and any person joining it can interact with the people he approves.


Mission Statement of this Halal Muslim social networking site is. “To provide a unique, global communication platform with Islamic values, that fosters an environment in which Muslims thrive, by engaging and empowering Muslims to enrich themselves, their respective communities, the Islamic nation and humanity as a whole.” And their vision is, “Madina.com’s vision is to be the leading global communication platform for the Muslim Ummah that connects and organizes the Muslims around the world with each other, their leaders and communities, thereby advancing the Islamic nation.”