Canonical continues its hard work to complete the new interface Unity, which will replace the traditional GNOME desktop in its next release of Ubuntu, the 11.04. One of the most popular questions in this regard concerns the hardware configuration and software for its proper functioning, since Unity expressly requires OpenGL graphics acceleration.

The most fascinating of the new version of Debian-based operating system is that they use the interface instead of Gnome Light Unity Shell. In that regard, the developers have recently made it known that for the new release it will develop a more lightweight version called Unity 2D, just as the name implies it will function without any problems even on those computers where the hardware resources are not nearly as plentiful.

The new interface uses Qt 4.7/QML and the same components that characterize the version that requires OpenGL graphics acceleration: indicators, BAMF, goddesses, and uTouch places.

It is proposed as an alternative to the Unity 3D by providing almost all the functionality offered by “big brother”. Later it will be seen if Canonical will provide a special version of Ubuntu with Unity 2D or give you the chance in case of lack of system requirements to install Unity 2D later.

It already has a PPA for those wishing to try this “new” version on your Ubuntu 10.10, which appears to have already affected many users for its speed and responsiveness.

Canonical engineering manager Bill Filler in a blog post wrote, that Unity 2D’s main goal is to provide a Unity environment on hardware platforms that don’t support Unity’s OpenGL requirements.  Many ARM platforms fall into this category, so Unity 2D will expand Unity’s reach to a considerable class of new hardware.

He also told that company have  made a significant effort to try and match the visual style of Unity quite closely, so Unity 2D will have the same look and feel as Unity,” Filler added. “It’s installed as its own session so it can live side by side with Unity, Gnome, your favorite session, etc.”

If you are interested to read an indepth review about “Ubuntu Unity Adds 2D Support” . You can catch the ZDNet UK / Blogs / Jamie’s Mostly Linux Stuff blog in which the blogger told his experience. He downloaded the latest Ubuntu Natty daily build, and booted the Live image on his netbook.

While searching on this topic the PC world .com “News of ‘Natty Narwhal’ Previews What’s Next For Ubuntu” is also a worth read. The blog has also informed that next alpha version of Natty  will not be issued until the middle of March this information is based on  is expected to release in April or after that . The Future Ubuntu versions does not get and official name right now.