You have a presentation to create. Its important but, formatting diagrams can take forever and the text on your slides seems to have a mind of its own. Along with that the sad fact is that each PowerPoint Presentation looks same. Creating professional presentation can be much easier than you think. After reading this article you will be able to grab viewers attention, clearly communicate your information along with that it will help you to keep a control in your presentation. This article will provide you time saving tips to help send your presentation in unique style. You will surprise that how a little work it takes to go from basic to brilliant. PowerPoint provides a host of tools for keeping you slides consistent, precise and professional.  Microsoft PowerPoint is terrific medium because it allows you to strengthen your message with visual prompts. If you want to feel more relaxed and confident the next time you are using PowerPoint for a presentation then just try these tips to maintain the focus of viewers on topic.

Method One: You want to change the bulleting and indentation style on every slide of the presentation, PowerPoint will do this for you. Only thing which you have to do is to make those changes in the master slide once. The slide masters stores information about the theme, and slide layout of the presentation, including the background, colors, fonts, size & place holding.   Each slide will be consistent without much effort from your side. The slide master includes place holder, layout of the slide and the style the text will be formatted in. The changes which you make on slide master they will be automatically applied to all the slides in the presentation. If you want o make changes in a specific slide then start in normal view, with that slide selected. Make any changes in the slide as mentioned here for example.

Method Two: To change the bullet style make changes on the slide master by clicking on “View” tab then after that click on “Slide Master”. Then click on first bullet, after tat click “Home” tab. In the paragraph click the arrow besides the bullet, and then click bullet and numbering. Select attribution and style of bullet which you want for first level bullets, then click OK. In similar way you can other adjustments.

Method Three: You can even select date, slide number, or the information which appear on footer either in specific slide or for complete presentation. In normal view click “Insert” tab, then in text box click “Header & Footer”, just specify the information you to appear, and indicate the slide it should appear on. In this each item will appear in the placeholder and the style indicated in master. Dynamic content, such as brief video that illustrates an important point, is one the best way to engage viewer. Using audio can also help to keep you slide clean and approachable. In PowerPoint 2010 the video which you insert in your files is embedded by default, so you don’t have to use multiple files for sharing files electronically.