Memory cards are now becoming a need for everyone due to the global fervor of smart phones. Memory card can store as many data as you want it may include songs, videos, pictures and also other type of data. Silicon power is the World’s leading flash memory manufacturer has recently released a super-large capacity of 32 GB micro SDHC class4 memory card.

It was released on 18th January to fulfill the need of worldwide consumers. If you are using a high-end smart phone then it is perfect memory card for your content-rich devices. It will contain a huge number of data for all the entertainment needs.

It is the first time in the flash memory card storage history that some one is launching a 32 GB capacity memory card. Silicon power has broken all the barriers with newly launched memory cards. This will only bring more conveniences for the users. Consumers will not go on its size. It is smaller than a finger nail but this micro SDHC memory card can store extremely high data storage. This tiny memory card can store over 9000 photos, nearly 500 minutes of full HD videos, more than 6000 songs and thousands of files. It is very useful for all the devices like digital camera, smart phone, eBook reader or photo frame. This 32 GB SDHC is the best option for a colorful streaming life.

It is also a complete package for end-users who seeks versatility. With its microSDHC pack, it also provides two more choices of SD Adapter pack and SD & miniSD adapters pack. These adapters increases the usability and let the consumers enjoy more convenience regarding transferring and processing the same data on many platforms.

Silicon power 32 GB microSDHC class 4 has the 2.00 specifications and also has the class 4 standards set by SD association. It has superb features like it is compatible with mobiles, card readers and many other SD-compliant devices available in the market. It also comes with lifetime warranty that enables users to enhance their mobile digital life.

As we told you it has many features, some of them are as follows. It is fully compatible with the SD 2.0 standards. It is also perfect for ultra-compact mobile phones and portable devices. When you combine this memory card with a SD adapter or a miniSD adapter, then it can be used as standard SDHC card or miniSDHC card. On the SD adapter, it has mechanical write protection awitch, it also supports content protection for Recordable Media(CPRM). Now talk about the security and it has the security level compatibility with Secure Digital Music Initiative(SDMI). It has low power consumption and it is compliant with RoHS requirement.

Now the card has following specifications:

It has dimension of 15mmx11mmx1mm, weight 0.6 kg, standardized-complies with the SD Card Association card specifications. It requires 2.7V to 3.6V and has lifetime warranty.