Technology has been on such a hike that you need quite a lot of time to think between two options that you have for the next accessory at your living place. There had been choices that were expensive at the time of purchase but buying them made you comfortable years ahead of their exposure to the main market. When it comes to 3D televisions, the same does not imply here. This might not be the right time to opt for a 3D TV right now. As a matter of fact, the 3D commercially available in the market is not 3D all the time so there is no point of paying a lot of extra money for the device. Most of the devices are not capable of giving you the real 3D effect throughout the video and you might notice most of the movie still running in the 2D.

3D being one of the upcoming technologies is certainly attracting a great deal of people from all the different directions. The curiosity is something that drives you to buy a 3D TV right away. The 3D televisions that are by far introduced into the market do not have the potential to stand for long. This technology is certainly by far just appearing die. 3D games seem to be a better consumer segment instead.

Market watch of 3D TVs:

There have been a number of analyst reviews on the market of the product. They refer to it as something very slow to penetrate into the market. The survey states that only 4.2 million of the 3D TVs will be sold this year while the next year will account for 12.9 million followed by 60.5 million in 2014. They even state that even in 2014 with a projected total of 60.5 million, the HD Internet Enabled Flat Panel TVs will be outrunning the 3D TVs quantity. The IE TVs are expected to strike some 148.3 million by 2014. Cost, content and availability are all the limitations that 3D TV is going to face over time and one can expect the real 3D TV to come in a couple of more years.

Experience with 3D TVs:

The true 3D experience is when you have the real sensation of the movie occurring around you. You actually can feel yourself to be a part of the movie and the characters seem like moving all around you. This experience was best provided by Disney’s Up or Avatar by James Cameron. Even with the best of the 3D versions, the 3D effect wears out pretty soon as your sight becomes adapted to the picture therefore giving you the normal 2D effect. The 3D output is shaky and inconvenient in short and brief.

The 3D experience is perhaps one of the most irritating as well as expensive experiments though. You need to have a pair of extra glasses as well that need to be charged or are battery operated. The experience annoys you after quite some time because of the burden on your eyes throughout the watching. Even, you look like a real alien while watching your TV with such glasses on. The experience might be attractive only when the whole of the movie is developed in top notch 3D content. The 3D games that are completely 3D are worth the experience else the slight development will be of no good worth.

3D Television is not a bad purchase but they are certainly not worth the number of dollars that you spend getting a good one.