The tech market has been driven by increasing demand for mobile phones and there are number of companies selling the latest technology gadgets. In order to meet the growing needs for mobile data, AT&T, a mobile operator in US has triggered 3G features on about 17 mobile phone websites in Pennsylvania.

One aspect of company’s effort is to invest its funds in building of a persistent infrastructure to foster innovation and expand its 3G system. To encourage employment opportunities and economic growth, the company has put in deliberate efforts to construct a broadband network in Pennsylvania.

As per the financial reports, AT&T spent around 725 US dollars in the year 2007 and 2009 in the wired and wireless network. AT&T has assured to remain dedicated to local, state and national leaders to promote an affirmative economic environment that gives it an opening to invest its resources and funds in Pennsylvania.

It caters to ever growing needs of mobile users by delivering a network which will help them to watch a movie or listening music or sharing photographs & links with buddies, internet surfing with the new wireless gadget or laptop.

The company has been constantly driving its investment and changing its product line to give Pennsylvania the best experience of broadband mobile connection and utility to the users. Its features exhibit a large Wi-Fi network, a fast 3G network connection, the facility of internet surfing while talking. The company is also planning to come up with the latest Smartphones.

AT&T is the preeminent operator with excellent data services as well as wireless support. The 3G phones have now reach around 360 US metropolitan cities which are certainly a good number. In the year 2009 a large number of high quality 850MHz gamut were sold in numerous markets that sustained 3G services.  The spectrum helps in inflating the entire network competence and hence advancing the built in reception. The next bracket of 3G technology is also being developed which is the HDSPA 7.2, along with thousands of innovative backhaul associations, which when coalesced will undoubtedly give a boost to the 3G connection.

AT&T’s marketing efforts are mainly inclined towards investing and utilizing its funds to fabricate a broadband network that enables you to have access to the content quickly along with providing services which is the most significant aspect. The total capital expenditure in the year 2010 is estimated between 18-19 billion dollars which is 5-10% more as compared to that spent in 2009, which is approximately around a 2 billion dollar rise in the wireless network connections and backhaul outlay. The aim with which these enhancements are premeditated is to make certain that customers make full utilization of speedy 3G wireless network and extensive assortment of mobile equipments and applications. It will surely be a boon to mobile users as well as for the company that is coming up with the gadgets that have advanced features.