It is important to organize emails in the mailbox otherwise it will be filled with junk mails and you will have several thousands of unread emails. To avoid this condition, develop a new approach to process your inbox that can help you to gain more control. It will also improve your response time and keep up with critical actions and due dates. We will discuss four ways to take control of your mailbox.

Please follow the steps given below to manage your email inbox effectively.

Step1: Set up a simple and effective email reference system

First you should understand the difference between two reference systems i.e. references information and action information. Reference information is the information you keep it for future and do not read it at present. But action information is different and it is the information you must have to complete an action. While in the case of most of the email users, they have more number of reference information in their mailbox. So, to avoid so much of reference information, it is necessary to keep a system which transfer the reference data from mailbox to reference mailbox.

Step2: Schedule uninterrupted time to process and organize email

There are so many email messages which require a decision by you. The decision of yours is all depends on uninterrupted attention. We recommend you to establish a time so that you can empty the inbox. It is completely your decision to scan the inbox.

We also recommend you to book for one hour for scanning the mailbox and also do not try to take any calls or message during this one hour.

Step3: Process one item at a time

It is very important to sort your email when you start processing these mails. We recommend you to start from the first i.e. start from the top and scan the mails in an order. You can use several sorting like sort as date, sort as conversations or sort as name etc. it will help you to scan it in a suitable order and you will process the mails completely. And never try to do it randomly or jump around in your inbox. There will be probability that you will miss many of them.

Step4: “Four D’s for Decision-Making” model

The four-D model is very important to process mails in mailbox. These four –D models consist of following actions: delete it, do it, defer it, delegate it.

We read the messages and avoid deleting it because we think at some point it will be useful. This makes the mailbox difficult to arrange and bulky. Just keep some point in mind like does the message relate to a meaningful objective, does the message information can be fetched from other source also, does the message will be needed in next six months or does the message contains any useful information. Think over the point and delete or keep the message.

Do it in 2 minutes means you can handle most of the messages in less than two minutes, reading the message, composing then sending, it will not take more than 2 minutes.

Defer it means if you are not deleting or doing any thing the drag it to a specified folder. Delegate it means you can delegate a message.