If you synchronize your phone with you PC then it is going to be the best way to transfer information, settings, and files. You can have all of them up to date and can access it at home and at work to.

Maintain Your Appointments

It sometime happens that you have made an appointment in your PC but have not synced it with your hone and so you missed it. You are sometime outside your home and have entered an appointment in your phone but as you have not synced it with your PC you miss the appointment again.

But not anymore, the latest version of windows phone makes it easier to keep a track over the appointments. The new Today screen appears when you turn on your phone which shows your appointments and any missed calls, unread messages and all your programs. The new Lockscreen also displays new messages and appointments without asking for your PIN when the phone is locked with all providing access to mute, hold, speaker and other functions during the phone call

Take Your Work, Projects or Homework with You

Now you can do your homework while riding the bus or simply sitting in a coffee shop. You just have to install Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone and as you are already well aware of the Microsoft Office look and so there is no learning curve.

If a touch screen is in your hands you get few additional features with you such as word count and spell check. You can also create charts in Microsoft Excel Mobile and with that can also create documents in Microsoft Word mobile with also highlighting the selected sections. Not only this you can use OneNote mobile to take quick notes or to save web links and then sync your notes with your PC.

Microsoft Office Mobile is too compatible with the Office 2010 and previous Microsoft releases which enables you to work with all the existing Office documents. You can create even richer charts in Excel Mobile, by using SmartArt and Themes in PowerPoint Mobile and can view the contents of zipped folders. Even the improved clipboard on your Windows Phone can make copying and pasting to and from any applications on your phone in a simple and intuitive manner. If in case OfficeMobile is not pre installed on your phone then you can get it download free of cost from Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Save Pictures

You have taken pictures of your special moments from your phone. May be you want to send these pictures right away but you may probably want to save them as many in your PC. There is only one thing you need to do and that is to synchronize your phone with your PC.

Protect Your stuff against Loss and Theft

You can easily misplace or even lose your phone or your PC and this happens you everyone and just not to one. Replacing the email, contact information, pictures, music, documents that are stored in your phone can prove to be an impossible task if you haven’t synchronized your phone with your PC on a regular basis.

Try out the Microsoft My Phone Service which is available free of cost. My Phone creates a back up of the contents of your Windows Phone.

You can sync and save: time, energy, money and your important information.