An operating system (OS) is the backbone of any personal computer. You cannot imagine any PC without operating system; in fact no computer is even useful without any operating system installed in it.

Operating system is a layer between and computer hardware and software it allows a communication between these two components. Microsoft has provided some of the advanced and useful operating systems and Windows Vista is one of them.

There are some other use and ways to use operating system and we are going to discuss the 4 four best ways to use Windows Vista OS.

Use Windows Sidebar effectively:

Windows Sidebar is one of the breakthrough operating system components launched with Windows Vista. It allows you to pin up all the important application and files on your desktop and can be accessed anytime. This is the vertical bar on your desktop and can be placed any side on your computer screen.  You can add some important tools, called Widgets, here like a calendar, notepad, news feed, weather report, etc on your sidebar. Most of these Widgets are synchronized with internet and are regularly updated like RSS feeds, News and weather report. You can modify this place like adding Widgets of your choice, removing any unwanted Widgets and by adding any file or other application like music player in Sidebar.

Customize the Instant Search:

This new feature may be considered the favorite feature in Windows Vista operating system. This is an innovative way to access information like documents, application, emails, accessories and tools from your computer.

The Search option is available at every place in Vista computer. You can find the option even in the Start menu and on all the Windows Explorer screens.

If you want to find anything on your computer then you can simply do that by clicking on Start button and type your search criteria on the Search box. It will show the list of similar result.

Instant search can also make the search over the internet without even performing it from the internet browser.

Organize Windows Calendar:

Windows Calendar is also an in-built tool with lot of different functionalities. You can manage and edit all important dates and activities using Windows Calendar.

It can be set to use by a single user or multiple users on the computer. You can create a calendar from your user id and make it work with all the other user ids configured on the same computer.

Different calendar can be notified with different colors and activities and other information can also be imported from internet or a network.

Parental Control:

Parental Control is one great feature of Windows Vista operating system. It allows the computer administrator to manage other user accounts in terms of security and privacy. It is very useful if your kids also use the same computer. You can create different user account for your kids and block unwanted websites on the basis of content and obscenity. You can also block some application for any specific user if you do not want them to use the application.