It is just like a race where only the fastest can survive. It is the race of perfection and speed of Internet connectivity. If you wished to get connected faster and browse your web pages in few seconds, there is good news as there is a faster way of getting connected. Now it is time to get ready to switch over to the next level of connectivity. All the three generations have worked well and it is time to get another faster and smarter generation next connectivity. With a fourth generation (4G) connection, it will be possible for you to surf the Internet in style. It promises to give you a never before download speed of 5Mbps. As a result it will become possible to transfer the files faster and in an easier way.

This is cyber age where you need to do all the work in time and a millisecond counts that is why efforts are being made to increase Internet connection speed. There are different kinds of network types like Wi-Max, LTE and Xhom. There are set standards for fourth generation (4G) networks. The 802.11e networks (Wi-Max) allow faster access to the Internet on your mobile phone. 4G is far more ahead of 3G telecom connections. Video streaming is fast and there is no interruption. The other fourth generation (4G) type is Long Term Evolution (LTE). Telecom majors AT&T and Verizon are using this path breaking network technology.