Google’s Android Operating System seems to be steadily eating up the Smartphone market and giving established companies like Apple a run for their money. As such, many third party applications have flood the market offering to simplify lives for Android users. As far as social networking websites go, Twitter is not just a popular name. It is considered one of the best ways of social networking and keeping in touch with friends and family on the go. Twitter clients for phones using Android software form a sizeable group of their own. Recently added to this mix is the official client for Twitter in the Android OS. The relatively new Twitter for Android official client might be the prettiest but still has a way to go to effectively snatch the market from third party clients.


This client touts itself as the “industry-standard twitter client for android” and is available in a paid as well as free format. It clearly leads the market of Twitter clients for Android currently as it has many vital functions like multiple account usage allowing access to up to ten accounts and also supports retweeting. This client is the closest to having full features and has an amazingly perceptive user interface. The reason it’s the best right now is its latest upgraded version 3.0 allows more features like fully threaded conversations that were initially missing.

Twitter for Android

Being the official version of Twitter for the Android Operating System, this client automatically makes it to the list. The pros outweigh the cons for this client. The best thing to say about this one is that the speeds are incredible and the interface is clean making it very easy to navigate. However, Twitter for Android is available only for the Éclair 2.1 OS and not for the older models that swamp the market reducing it universality. It also doesn’t support multiple accounts but is the only client offering OS integration with features like contact linking.


As per surveys, this client is currently one of the hot favorites with Android users. This is owing to the fact that the user interface is highly intuitive and packed with some fantastic functionality. Seesmic was one of the first third party clients to allow you to attach location and photos to your tweet. Enjoy features like the permanent timeline tab, access to multiple accounts and URL shortening services along with a crisp user interface.


As far as Twitter browsing experiences go, this client has plenty of essential features to offer. The most prominent one being, like Twitter for Android and Twidroyd, it allows you to view nearby tweets. This one also has hip features like shake to refresh which definitely add to the user experience. The free themes sweeten the deal but this particular client does not allow video uploads which is unquestionably a drawback.


A less-is-more kind of design with clean lines is Twicca’s trademark. Relatively new, this client has some good functions like custom geo-tagging as well as color-tagging on Twitter. This full feature client does not allow URL shortening or have any themes though and that might be cumbersome to some.