Gaming has gone to a completely new dimension. Earlier it was the two dimensional game Mario which gained huge popularity but gaming has gone through a long journey since then. Games coming now are not simply for playing but to feel the virtual world and be a part of it. Games these days are so addictive that people play them for hours and still don’t get bored. There are so many games in the market but if you are going to get a new games DVD which you have never tried then I don’t think that is a good idea. You might end up paying a good amount for the CD and finally you will discover that it was not worth buying. Before buying a new game one should always check the reviews of latest games online and should check if it matches your gaming style. In this post I will mention the names of 5 games which actually rated as poor based on the features, options and player reviews.

Ghostbusters: It is a comedy role playing game which is based on the film named Ghostbusters. This film was released in year 1984 and was a big success but the game hasn’t done well at all. This game is developed by Dandy Peterson, Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford. This game misses on the main intricacies and doesn’t help the player in getting apt to the game. The instruction levels are poor and even the graphics. It definitely is not a good choice to go for and has been rated poor in all time games history.

The Neverhood: The Neverhood is a 1996 PC CD Rom adventure video game developed by animator DougNapel and was released by DreamWorks Studios. This game features clay motion graphics and music scored by composer Terry Scott Taylor. It received nice reviews but it was not a commercial hit. In this game Klaymen is the protagonist and the game follows his adventures in The Neverhood. It is like solving puzzles and getting out of difficult situations in order to find the Neverhood’s mysteries. He is curious and cheerful being, he saves the creator of the Neverhood from his deep sleep and ruins evil klogg’s plan. It did not feature the previous releases like distinctive clay motion design techniques; the game is a variation on air hockey only played with guns instead of mallets.

Command & Conquer: Command & Conquer is also known as Tiberian Dawn. It is a 1995 real time strategy computer game created by Westwood Studios for MS DOS and Published by Virgin Interactive. Command &Conquer was the first of twelve games to date to be released under the Command & Conquer label including a prequel and five sequels. You can download this game by C & C franchise’s official website. In this game the player requires to construct a base and then acquire a flow of resources in order to find the ongoing production of different forces to assault and conquer the opponent’s base. It features about 50 different units and structures and all structures are available for the players to build a construction yard building which can either be already developed on the battlefield.

Wizard 8: It’s the 8 and final title in the wizardry series of computer role playing games by Sir-Tech, in this game player’s aim is to collect the three aircrafts mentioned in the story and to place each on its pedestal in the final zone. It allows mounting to the Cosmic Circle becoming a god. This game received generally good reviews but failed to increase the size of the franchise’s fan base. Wizard 8 has failed to attract much attention at its release.

No one Lives Forever: It is an action adventure hybrid stayed on the shops for months before people caught on about its level of freshness and fun. No one Lives Forever combines the humor and silly villains from 1960’s spy movies with tactical action played from a first person perspective. You can assume the role of Cate Archer The Operative, who has to take down a criminal organization with weapons, gadgets and mostly savior faire.