Windows XP is a popular operating system used by many people today, including office and home users. The fact that Windows XP has many applications that make work easier, has made it a must have for everyone. When you decide to format you computer’s hard drive, this is the product to think about. The process is simple and one can easily follow it.

Here are the guidelines:

1.Back- up creation: Before you even think about formatting the computer, make sure that you have saved all your files in a safe place. You need this back up in case your files are deleted. You have to also note down all programs that have to be installed. In case you are formatting the hard disc and installing Windows XP, then you have to go through the reinstallation procedures of these programs. You can save them in a flash disk or even a CD, which you do not intend to format. You should take your time and evaluate the functions that you need your machine to perform. You can save all the documents at random.

2.Beginning: The process is done through the provisions under ‘My Computer’. Right Click on My Computer. From the drop down menu you select ‘manage’. When a new window flips open (computer Management), you should pick ‘Storage’ on your left. This will lead you to the ‘Disk Management’ on your right.. Many people face problems when they wrongly left click on ’My Computer’. If you left click ‘My Computer’ icon, you get other options which are completely irrelevant.

3.Double click on Disk Management. Here you can see all hard drives and you can start deleting the unwanted partition in the disk that you want to format. That is why it is crucial to save everything before you begin the disk formatting process. You can spare what you do not want to format. To create a new partition, right click on the black colored bar and you get to see an option ‘New Partition’.

4. In the ‘New Partition’ go to ‘Primary Partition’ and follow the sequence. Pick the ‘maximum’ option and continue. The next step is the provision of letters to name the disk. Take the first option. In order to get to the other step, you will have to follow the process by clicking next. You should pick ‘NTFS’ for your format, which according to experts is the safest to use.

5. You should give the computer some time to process the formatting. Leave Windows in running mode . Once the formatting is complete, you will get an option ‘finish’. After you click on ‘finish’ the computer is now ready to use. Now you can reinstall Windows XP.