Computers have become our daily need and we spend a lot of time sitting in front of it and working on it. We depend so much on computers that now it is hard to think of a world without computers. We use computers at work, at home, at schools and at every possible place in every possible manner. Since we work and rely so much on computers so will it not be good to keep your computer in a good shape all the times and make yourself familiar with the computer so that it easy for you to work on your computer.

You can maintain your PC by following these five best habits:

  1. Organize your data
    Data is all that we work upon on computers. What if you are looking for some important document but are not able to find out on your hard drive. Off course you can run a search on the Hard Drive but what if you don’t even remember the name of the document or if the document was named as document1, or document2. This situation would be really frustrating and to avoid such situation always organise your work well. If you use your computer at work and at home then it good to create two separate user accounts; one for office and another for home. While keeping and saving your data on the Hard Drive make separate folders based on the type of content you are saving and you can also create subfolders for the same.
  2. Keep Hard Drive Clean
    One should always perform a disk cleaning activity once in a month. This helps in cleaning all the junk on the hard drive and getting more and more space for useful information and data. You can personally look for files which you would not be needing and were created unnecessarily and can delete the same.
  3. Create Restore Points
    Restore points play an important role while troubleshooting computer problems. If your computer goes unstable and starts acting weird then you can use these restore points to get the computer back to the state when it was working fine. One should always create restore points before making crucial changes on your computer and otherwise at least one restore point per week.
  4. Keep OS and Office updated
    Microsoft constantly keeps gathering the user feedback and keeps on improving their software by releasing updates. It is quite possible that your operating system was crashing while working with your phone and the next update might fix the problem. So it is always advised and is wise to the software updated so you have all the necessary features and patches of the same.
  5. Scan for infections
    As we work and browse the internet it is quite possible that our computer gets infected by Viruses or Spywares. It is always good to keep the security software updated and scan the entire hard drive at least twice in month. This will reduce the risk of further damage which can be caused by the infection and will keep your data safe.