We keep ourselves busy during the work hours and this stresses our body and mind. To give off this stress we either spend time with our family, friends, and kids or if we stay single the most of this stress buster thing happens in front of the computer. We play games, online games, installed games, social games and so on. The list is long and we often end up spending time with computers. Games coming these days are just like daily soaps which go on and on and on like a story and you become a part of it or may be the lead character of the story. Such kind of virtual world created by these games takes you into a completely different character or being and you start enjoying the unreal you. In this post I will name some of the games which can hold you on your chair for hours playing them. By naming these games I don’t mean that one should not play these games neither I am criticizing these games, but am naming them because one should know how addictive they are.

Insaniquarium Deluxe: This game holds the number one position of the most time wasting games. It is developed and marketed by the Flying Bear Entertainment and PopCap Games and features rich graphics and various modes of playing the game. It also encourages the usage of a different type of currency called as shells and you become rich or poor basis the number of shells you have. Might be this is the reason why people play this game so that they get the feeling of being rich at least in the virtual world. These shells can be used to create custom screensavers for your computer and creating custom screensaver of the game shots helps you in getting bonus points. You can play an hour demo for free but then you have to purchase the full game.

Moraff’s Morejongg: This game from Shanghai holds second position in the list. This game is plotted in ancient era and there you have to match and delete two similar tiles from the pile of tiles to move further in the game. Aim of this game is to clear the entire screen by matching and getting rid of similar tiles but you need to strategize your approach because of the various rules and conditions of the game. It actually is addictive as you always want to challenge your memory and grasping power in this game by reaching higher and higher in the gaming level.

Superball Arcade: This game is quite similar to Jardinains which also gained massive popularity few years back. In this game you have bounce the ball on a paddle controlled by mouse movements and not let it touch the floor. Game and the levels continue to get exciting as the ball hits uneven object on the top and keeps on changing its trajectory. To add more thrills you have to save the paddle of other falling objects which results in reduced score and paddle locking for a second.

Aqua Bubble 2: This is a bubble bursting game in which you get a bubble of some color to shoot at the bubble hanging above the screen. When you hit bubbles of the same color they burst making the screen empty and this is what your target is – to burst all the hanging bubbles. This game adds thrill and excitement by lowering the roof slowly so that you get less and less time to aim and burst the bubbles. Every level has its own arrangement of bubbles at the top and thirst for scoring high points keeps you playing for long hours.

SolSuit: SolSuit is not one game but it is pack of around 450 card games. Isn’t it a big number? If you are fond of playing Solitaire which Microsoft bundles with Windows Operating Systems then you for sure will find some other interesting games in SolSuit. It again is a time taking suit of games.