By default an Excel  file has three spreadsheets which are called as worksheets, through which a user can delete or add more worksheets to it. These worksheets are separate tables which are present in the same file. For example, a single database in SQL can have multiple tables. This is similar to a single file (also called as Workbook) in Excel which contains multiple tables in it(called as spreadsheets or Worksheets). As the file increases and the organization data in a workbook becomes important. Due to this reason, the number of worksheets may increase and you may have more than three worksheets. These worksheets are by default named as Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, and so on but to better understand the purpose of a particular worksheet and to know what kind of data it contains you might want to rename the worksheets and give them a significant name. Some important tips towards renaming a sheet can be listed below:

To rename a worksheet in Excel follow the following set of steps:

Step1: Open the file in which you want to make the changes.

Step2: Right click on the worksheet which you want to rename.

Step3: When the context menu appears select rename.

Step4: Now the name of the worksheet will appear in editable mode and you type any name to that sheet. Alternatively you can also double click on the worksheet tab to make it editable.

Step5: After entering the new name either press Enter on the Keyboard or click somewhere out of that editable worksheet name.

Please note that the custom name which we give to our worksheets is only for our reference. Internally in Microsoft Excel the Worksheets are still known by their default names which were given by Microsoft Excel. So if you our programming a macro or application which would refer to any Worksheet in Excel then use the default names and not the one given by you.