Using Windows operating system effectively can definitely increase the productivity in your office or at any place.

There are so many hidden tips and tricks which you can use to increase the work effectiveness and productivity. These can be used in your workplace or at home as well.

Here are those 5 useful tips which can be used to increase the productivity in Windows operating system:

1. Print anything using Windows explorer:

Not many people know that print command can also be given from Windows Explorer.  Users generally use Windows Explorer to view and access files from computer but it is also place from where you can take print out from any file an document.

You do not have to launch Microsoft Word applications if you need to take print out of any Word document. You can simply open the folder which contains the file then right-click on the desired file. This will open a pop-up menu from where you can give the print command. The same step can be done for any other file like an image. You can simply browse through the image fiolder, then right-click on any image and give the print command. This will send the particular document to the printer.

2. How to Pin program to the Start menu:

Start menu is the place which is available all time and can be accessed while working on any application. You can also add or Pin any of your favorite application to Start menu.

Just select All Programs option from Start menu and then right-click and select Pin to Start Menu on any program which you want on the very first screen of Start menu.

The programs can also be raged and dropped to Start menu and you can also remove some programs from this list.

3. Customize Start Menu:

At times you might need to resize the text and icons of Start menu if you have large list of programs to be listed.

To make the icon size a bit smaller, you need Click on Start button, right-click on Start and select Properties and uncheck the option “Use large icons” (in Vista) and select the option “Small icons” in Windows XP.

4. How to search a folder:

Searching any specific file in folder can also be a tedious task at times. Windows Vista and Windows 7 user can use the Search option in Windows Explorer to search a specific file in the folder and Windows XP users can use the search function in that specific folder to search for a single file.

5. Send email attachment form anywhere:

It is not necessary to launch the email client and draft an email to send any file as an attachment.  You cam simply right-click on the file and select the option Send to/Mail recipient to send any file as an attachment. You must have one email client configured on your system to use this particular function.