Keyboard is the main input device for any computer system. Keyboard is such an important device for any computer that a computer doesn’t even boot if the keyboard is not present in it or if it is in a non-functional state. Keyboard is what we mostly use while working on computer and so we should be comfortable using it as it directly affects our productivity. If one is not comfortable using keyboard than he or she will not be able to work quickly and will end up wasting time using the mouse. In this post I will discuss 5 ways to make you comfortable with keyboards and make them easier to use.

Know all about your keyboard:

Days are gone when keyboard consisted of only numbers and alphabets. Now the keyboards are full of extra keys and special actions can be taken by these keys. These keys initially seem to be junking up the keyboard space but if you know their usage then they can be of great help. For example if you can open your default browser by just pressing the Internet key then why to use a mouse and then click on Start then Internet Explorer.

Change Keyboard Settings:

We are in a habit of using the backspace key because we tend to make mistakes. Mistakes like pressing two keys together, pressing in the middle of two keys, keeping a key down for long time. Such mistakes can be avoided by good typing practice and if not then such mistakes can be minimized by changing the Sensitivity and Repeat Delay settings of the keyboard. Open Control Panel and the Keyboard setting Window and from there you can adjust these settings.

Take Shortcuts:

Though, we don’t use or we are not aware, but each and every task can be done by the keyboard. Believe me we don’t need a mouse if we know proper keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts increases are productivity because then we can go through the options quickly and more efficiently. Browse the internet and you will get hundreds of websites listing the commonly used Keyboard shortcuts. Try memorizing the most commonly used shortcuts first and then go with the other complex ones.

Use Sticky Keys:

If you think that pressing multiple keys is not ergonomically easy for you then you can try using the sticky keys. Settings for sticky keys is again under the keyboard settings and this makes the three keys Shift, Alt and Ctrl to stick until the next relevant key is press. For example if you have to press CTRL+C then no need to press and hold the CTRL key and then press the C key, instead you can press and leave the CTRL key and then press the C key.

Select the best keyboard for yourself:

Market is full of keyboards and if you want you can spend some time in choosing the best one. Keyboards come in multiple models, shapes and sizes. There are keyboards which can be broken from middle to use separately with left and right hand. So I would suggest that browse the nearby store or on the internet and get the best one for yourself.