Skype can be announced as one of the biggest and popular VoIP application and service providers. It comes with so many valuable and useful features which can provide great ease to home and businesses as well.  Especially for business users, Skype application provides some valuable tools like file sharing, video conferencing and also making international calls.

Skype has already acquired 550 million users worldwide and according to recent research it holds 12 percent share of international VoIP calls. It is also to be noted that one third Skype users use these services for business purposes. Although Skype is very popular service amongst home and business users both, very few users know how to get maximum output and performance, especially the business users.

Here are some basic steps which you can perform to get maximum output from Skype for your business:

Enable screen sharing:

There are so many users who are still not aware of the most powerful tool of Skype, Screen sharing.

Screen sharing in Skype allows you to share your computer screen with the user on the other end of the Video conference.

This can be used to provide remote presentation, and show data from your computer to your client.  All you need to do is just Right click on while the video call is on, and then click “Share your screen.”

Download and install Skype extras:

Skype is very customizable program and it can be extended to height limits to get maximum performance and Skype Extras are solution for that.

These Extras can also be termed as add-ons or apps which can be used for various purposes like playing games or recording Skype calls. Some Skype extras are specially designed for business users like Pamela which is specially used for call recording and Outlook integration and Voicemail purposes.

Use call forwarding:

Call forwarding is one of the major tools in regular business Skype users. This facility can allow you to transfer the Skype incoming calls onto your mobile phone even if you computer is switched off. To setup this feature, click on Tools menu, and the call will decrease the credit amount of your Skype account but it is wonderful feature.

Home surveillance even when you are out of home:

This is a very useful trick, rather tweak, which can be used to check out your house even if you are away. For this, you need to have two Skype accounts and use one account to log into your home computer, set the auto-answer for any incoming call and set to start video automatically during the call. In return, you can manage to see the activity at your house even if you are out on business meeting o tour, and that also by just making a call at your home Skype account.

Use Skype as customer support tool:

Skype provide a Skype button, which is very handy and useful and allows you to connect to your customer service. This is easy way to connect to customer support and get any kind of issue resolved.

These basic 5 steps can provide you the ease to maintain Skype account with business needs.