Internet Explorer enables  you to view new add-ons and facilities in its latest versions which makes it sleeker, faster and optimized. You can always download new versions of internet explorer from Microsoft website at no cost.

Follow the steps mentioned below to explore new features of

Step1:  Browse without navigating to other websites using accelerator

Often it is quite tedious to copy and paste contents from one web page to another web page.  Now Internet Explorer 8 has accelerator facility which is very useful. Here’s how it works. Now we will teach you how to use accelerator in IE8. You just have to highlight any word on web page and immediately you will see an arrow or blue accelerator. Click on the arrow and you will find some options, or you can rest the pointer on accelerator map to see information on bing.

Step2: Speed up your search using Windows Live Search

Normally Internet users use search engines to find information. Normal method to search any topic is to type keyword in the search box and the search engine will display websites and information related to the keyword. If you want to open in a new tab then you press ALT+ENTER. We recommend you to use Windows Live search to search operations on internet. It is easy to use and work efficiently on internet explorer.

Step3: Stop being phishing bait

Phishing is the terms you have listen many times; it occurs when an email is sent falsely to you, it claims to be an enterprise mail but when you click on that it will navigate you to another website and tell you to enter personal information. So we recommend you to stop doing this, it will may be harmful for you.

Step4: RSS feeds

When you open a site on Internet explorer, you can see an icon of RSS feed. RSS feed means the site offers a feed. You just have to click the icon and you will be subscribed to the RSS feed. It is available in internet explorer and more.

Step5: Web slice

Web slice let you see temperature or new feeds from a specific website. If a web slice is available for the website, you can see an icon of web slice. It is also available next to content and when you click on the icon; it will show you information regarding that content. You can add it to your tool bar or add to favorites. Just click on the icon and add it to favorites bar.

These are the five effective ways to get more from your internet explorer. It makes you to do quick searches and browsing. You can also contact Internet explorer website to view more information about new methods and applications.