There are so many factors which stop professionals to be productive and some of those factors are just a belief which is far from reality. Sometimes while using a computer application you are in doubt as to whether you know how to use the application or not. As a result you spend a lot of time thinking how to get along with the computer “jargon.”

Some of the most common beliefs can be listed as follow:

Belief1: I have to keep everything

Reality: most of the professionals throw their 50% information and they feel light and happy. If you think you keep everything, then no need to worry. Be proud of your nature. It can be very useful sometimes like when something important is needed or you have system backup then it will be easy to get the information.

Belief 2: There’s too much information coming at me too fast

Reality: If you think there is too much information coming to you and you are not able to view and scan your entire information then you are wrong. You can easily organize and scan your information. You can also organize your email in mail box. There are so many ways to do it in a perfect way. When you start organizing the mails, you can reduce the number of mails up to 80 %.

Belief3: Organization cramps my freedom and creativity

Reality: you may think that being organized is boring but Organization actually fosters and supports creativity and spontaneity. You have organized and listed so many events and these are disrupting your mind like someone’s birthday or ceremony. It is always tough to remember entire events so think if you have organized the lists and transfer them to Microsoft Outlook. You can easily do this by creating an outlook task for each item.

Belief4: There is not enough time in the day

Reality: Time is not an issue; you can do as much as you want.Every one has 24 hours in a day, so time should not be an issue. It all depends on how much you can manage to do in that time only. Suppose you keep your to-do list in multiple location like calendars, on a paper etc. it will be tough to get them at single time. So you can transfer entire to do task in outlook, you can organize your task in outlook and become more productive.

Belief5: It takes too much time to become productive

Reality: you can easily invest your time on system, save 1 or 2 hours per day. Try to save as any hours you can save and after that see the results. You can easily save up to 12 hours in a week. You can organize entire work in outlook and become more productive. Plan before buying any thing or think before opening an email, do not do random work. Work in an organized manner.