AOL is a website that integrates news, sports, cricket, videos, downloads, email, messenger, entertainment and much more. Now AOL is going to acquire the video syndication platform of 5min Media. 5min Media is the online video library and a leading syndication platform and AOL wants to take the advantage of 5min Media. Here, I am going to discuss the business philosophy of AOL concerned with 5min Media.

5min Media provides online support for broadband instructional knowledge and lifestyle videos. The library of 5min Media includes tens of thousands of videos. The 5min Media claims to reach over 160 million unique monthly visitors and it has tens of thousands of videos spreaded across 20 categories and 140 sub-categories. The video content from 5min Media includes diverse collection including tech tutorials, recipes, yoga and fitness routines, DIY projects for home and garden, beauty and fashion tips, health videos on specific conditions, video game walk-throughs, etc. It integrates the web content from more than 1,000 of world’s largest media companies. It also had collaboration with professional independent video producers. According to AOL, the acquisition of 5min is the latest in a number of ways. According to them, 5min media is the fastest growing company in online video support and that’s the reason behind their interest in 5min Media. AOL wants to capture the growing opportunity of online video on Web, according to Tim Armstrong (AOL CEO).  AOL is also building a video ecosystem for next decade and for this, they will indulge 5min Media. 5min Media is a perfect complement to powerful video capabilities in this cyber age. Apart from that, it is a missing part of AOL and it could be a right platform for AOL. It could provide a value chain that completes AOL’s end-to-end video offering. It could serve from the content creation through syndication and distribution.

AOL and 5min Media had the same excitement regarding the collaboration of two companies. The content of 5min Media could be a great add-on to the AOL and both the companies are agreed about this direction. Apart from this AOL will introduce the content of 5min Media as a part of its Bolster video content. With this collaboration AOL will take the complementary video capability that makes the website compelling fit.

According to Ran Harnevo (Co-Founder and CEO of 5min Media), the collaboration of AOL and 5min Media will make an attractive combination for the content creators and publishers. The 5 min Media is already a leading online video support website and its next step toward success is the collaboration of AOL. According to Harnevo, AOL’s organization is the horsepower for his company. The combination of these two companies will result in major success. The resulting website will offer the vast library; present compelling opportunities for AOL audience, 5min Media offers syndication capabilities, as well as the content creators will work for the publishers.