It is always better to have complete knowledge of your computer hardware and operating system. The knowledge gives you the power to use the computer to it maximum performance. There are so many feature which any normal user cannot get to know until it is revealed by manufacturer of the user learns himself.

Here are 6 useful tricks for Windows operating systems:

1 Get the full screen view

At times, you may feel that your computer or laptop screen is small to view the pictures and videos because most of the space it filled with taskbar and headers.

The following steps will allow you to view full screen display on Windows Explorer and Windows Media player.

Step1: Open pictures from your computer or any video file on Windows Media player.

Step2: If you have Windows XP or Windows 7 OS, then simply press the F11 key from the keyboard. This will allow you to view picture or video without any headers and taskbars. You can also use ESC If you want to go back to normal view.

2 Customize your Navigation

The left pane on Windows Explorer or the Navigation pane is used to search for folders and files which represent links to common folders and components. It is also possible to move or copy any items from this list according to your preferences.

Step1: In Windows 7, select the option ‘Organize’ and then go to ‘Folder and search options’.

Step2: You will find a dialogue box ‘Folder Options’ in this screen. Now click on the option ‘General’.

Step3: If you want all folders to be visible in Navigation panes then select the ‘Show all folders’ option and click OK.

Step4: Select the option ‘Automatically expand to current folder’ and click on OK which will automatically expand the Navigation pane.

3 Pin a program to Taskbar

Taskbar is a place which provides you the information for currently running application. You can also add your favorite application in Taskbar and can launch such application quickly.

Step1: Right-click on program’s tab while the program is running or you can also drag the button to desktop and then select the option Pin this program to taskbar.

Step2: While the program is idle and not currently running, then you should click on Start button and search for the program shortcut or icon. Right click on the program shortcut and icon and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’.

4: Customize Quick Launch bar

Customizing Quick Launch is also a very simple task. You can add multiple items at this place and also remove unwanted items.

You can simply drag and drop any programs to this place from the Start menu program list or any icon or program shortcut from desktop items.

All you need to do it drag any desired item towards the Quick Lunch area and release the mouse and the program will be added oin the list. If you want to remove any items from Quick Launch then simply Right click on any item under Quick Launch and then select Delete option.

5 Arrange multiple windows

You can also have multiple windows on your screen side by side. This is mainly required when to analyze data from 2 different files.

In Windows 7, simply pull any applications Title bar towards left or right until you can see the other windows from behind. Now release the mouse and perform the same step for another window.

6 Organize files

There are various options to organize your files and folders in Windows operating system using the file arrangements into libraries is the best way in Windows 7.

Step1: Click on Windows Explorer option in the taskbar and click on any Library in the Navigation Pane.

Step2: Under Library look for the “Arrange by” option and click on it. If you are managing a music folder then you can manage it by various categories like Artist or Album and all the files will be orders in your desired format.