Now a day if you are working in a team and your team consists of people from different cities, then it is very important to connect with them. You can not travel all the time because it is exhausting and also not time efficient, also it can not be the day-to-day solution. While working in a virtual team it is always important to communicate between them.

There can be number of ways to work more effectively on a virtual team but we are going to tell you the most perfect 6 ways:

As you are working on a virtual team, so it is obvious that your team is not live. We recommend you the very first and easiest way to connect with them using instant messaging. Instant messaging is one of the best tools for a quick answer or opinion. Now we have some tools available like smart phones, you can connect to all the team members at once. We also recommend you to use MSN or Yahoo messenger to chat or talk with the team members.

The second and effective way is to use virtual conference room for formal meetings. You can use web based conference to connect with all at once. You can make slide presentations or conduct staff meetings with the group of people who are thousand miles apart. There are several tools available like Microsoft Office Live Meeting; you can also share necessary files and information.

The third way is to organize the meeting in a suitable way. Before organizing a meeting keep some thins in mind; it may be the agenda for today or what are the documents you need to review or what all you have decided in the last meeting. You can also send messages or e-mails to the members about the meeting and the timing of the meeting. You can use several tools to get going; these are Microsoft exchange server email account or Microsoft Office outlook.

Now one of the most important way is to set up a water cooler means set up a website for the team. Using this website you can share all the information, you can update and delete member’s documents. You can also provide access to them also to update, read and write documents on the website. If this type of website is created then you can keep track of all the new versions, update of the documents. To utilize this service, you have to provide access to a share point service to all the members.

The fifth way to work on a virtual tem is to review the edits of team members. It means you should always ready to review all the work done by co-workers. Get used to the tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Excel to edit and review the documents. It is your duty to accept or reject those documents or to distribute the document.

Now the last but not the least way is to stay in touch with co-workers. This is as important as all these described way to manage the virtual team. You can use PDAs to keep the data with you all the time and share with colleagues. You can use Windows mobiles to keep all the document and share with members even if you are away from desk.