The word Internet came in to existence with the help of very entity known as a “website”. Website is an electronic page which gets prompted once you enter its name on your web browser’s address bar. Once you enter the name of the desired webpage you are re-directed to a particular electronic page where you can get a flood of information and related items. The source which directs you to such an electronic page is none other than “Internet.”

A static website can be launched single handled while some dynamic websites are result of team work. The current scenario says that websites like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and twitter are a result of excellent team work.

7 odd tips will help carve your team approach towards the development of a website better.

Tip one

A clear and sound approach towards team website is the basic. To maintain consistency and precision organise the website accordingly. If suppose the website is related to social networking. Then organise your site’s folder in an alphabetical order. You can go for website organisation on the basis of department it is going to have like instant messaging, friend’s request and notifications etc. A team must delve in a project at one time to develop a flawless result. Once your team is done with one project; get the project done categorised under the client’s name.

Tip two

A team must decide how they long to name the files that will upload on the website. The team must get it clarified that whether to each file data will be attached or not. Also, the advantage of Share Point folders and long named file can be brought in to play.

Tip three

The files which can be supported by the previous version of Operating system must be kept in an archive folder while the latest ones must be piled up in the folders those are “active”. Thus, such approach rectifies the dilemma for the website developer and helps the team to deport the latest version file in the active folder while the previous version in an archive one.

Tip four

For a particular folder in the website a single person should be allowed to upload the files to it. Such an approach will maintain uniqueness in maintaining the website’s folder structure and chances of error gets abridged.

Tip five

Maintain the check in and out of the files. With the help of Share Point, the multiple people headlong towards saving an open file will get restricted until the file is checked out.

Tip six

Clearly give a description for each folder. It is quite vulnerable that the team members may change and hence beforehand the new member can know what can be expected from a particular Folder’s Library relating to documents or any thing else.

Tip seven

A team member can upload a link to the documents related to Share Point. The link can be uploaded in the task of the MS Office Outlook or in appointment section on the calendar which comes with the MS Outlook.