Email is one of the best ways to connect with your friends and loved ones around the world. But on a hectic and busy day, the mail box gets cluttered and makes difficult to point out which one is important and which is not. So, it is very important to organize your email, an unorganized make it difficult to find important mails and you get confused about where to start. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you can easily organize emails and make important mails on top of the mailbox.

May be you are not using Outlook but your computer has Outlook or Windows Live mail or Windows Live Hotmail. Then there is no need to worry, these application offers same features as Outlook. But the problem is the mail management; they do not offer such mail management as outlook. We recommend you to use Microsoft Outlook connector to add your hotmail account to outlook. You can also organize or connect mail from your other mail account such as Yahoo or Google. Then you will be able to read, receive or send mails using outlook.

Now follow the instructions given below to organize your email.

Step 1: Grouping messages

You can create a folder for similar messages or messages related to each other. You have several options like topic, projects or contacts to group them in a folder. You can also create a folder in which you include all the messages or that include task you have to complete. You can easily create folders in Outlook, just go to folder tab then in the new group, click on new folder; it will create a new folder. Name the folder as you want.

Step 2: Search Folder

You can easily create Search Folders and they are a quick and convenient way to look at predefined collections of e-mail messages. The main feature of this search folder is that they don’t actually store any messages themselves, but instead are virtual folders. Outlook also has option for default search folder; they show you all unread mails. You can also create search folder as you want for specific mails.

Step 3: Message sorting

You can also sort messages quickly in Outlook; outlook has this great feature to sort messages quickly. You can easily arrange them by date or conversations. Like the messages within each conversations are stored within conversations. When you received a new message, the conversation moves to top of the mailbox. You can easily turn on conversations; just go to view tab then conversations group and click show as conversations. You can also reduce size of conversations if you want. Just go to Home, then delete group and click clean up and in clean up click clean up conversations.

Step 4: Junk filter

You can also reduce email box size with junk filter. If you received any spam or junks, then it will filter all the junk messages and it will not show up in email box.

Step 5: Categorize emails

You can assign a color category for emails e.g. use the red color for high priority emails and the green color for low priority emails.

Step 6:  Flag for follow up

Mark important emails to flag it. You can easily view them in marked folder.

Step 7:  Mailbox rules

Follow the mailbox rule and organize both incoming and outgoing emails.