Digital cameras have given us the liberty to click as many photos as we want without even thinking of the end of the role or the development charges. You can capture every single moment of what you do to make it a memory and preserve it for future. All of us are not photographers or we might not have a born talent of taking great photos but still there is a lot we can keep in mind while taking pictures to make them speak their own story. In this post I will share some tips which one should consider while taking pictures to make your holiday trip a beautiful memory for ever.

Rule of 3: most of the cameras have the feature of displaying a grid on their display screen so that you can better align the object while clicking. If your camera doesn’t have this feature then you can make a virtual grid of 9 squares – 3×3. Keep the focused object in the centre most square to capture what you really want to capture, and this is how the autofocus of the camera works. It sharpens the centre most objects and might blur the other background things.

Capture the moment: you are on a vacation and would like to click the beauty of the place you are visiting and not just the photo of the person who is with you. Your photo should be able to tell a story and should be able to speak of itself. If you are clicking your wife’s photo with a beautiful fountain on her left, then do not keep you wife at the centre of the shot. Keep her in the first column of the grid and the fountain should be in the centre spreading towards the last column. This ways you will focus the fountain as the main object which was witnessed by you and your wife.

Select the correct angle: everything is beautiful and awesome where you are but there can be places from where the beauty gets magnified. This is the reason why we have viewing spots in almost all the vacation places where people go to get the best view of what is offered by the nature. Always try getting the correct angle for your photos.

Blur that you don’t want: if you are at a busy place or if it is a place where your subject is getting dimmed by other object nearby then use the blur feature of the camera. This feature helps you in keeping the focus clear only on the subject and blurs the rest of the objects nearby or in the background. This will add life in your photos because this ways you will show what you really want to show and will hide the rest.

Be prepared: Better photos need better resolution and better resolution requires high space on the memory. Always carry extra memory cards with you or carry your laptop so that you can transfer the pictures and make the memory free in your camera to capture the forthcoming moments.